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It is September 11 and after twelve years of war, might we actually resort to -- diplomacy? What a difference a week makes! At this time last week, the war drums were beating loudly. And then yesterday, everything changed: Secretary... more

In a departure from her usual political beat, MOMocrat Donna Schwartz Mills explores her not-so-guilty TV pleasure with media writers Elise Crane Derby and Anne Louise Bannon as the Agents of Zeitgeist. They talk about... more

The question of US action in Syria is at the top of the headlines -- but while pundits and politicians debate, the Department of Health and Human Services is busy gearing up for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The Health... more

Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King had a dream -- a vision we are celebrating today. And some day, we hope to say it's our reality. Karoli, Cynematic and Donna agree that society has changed in the 50 years since the March on... more

The assault on women's rights being waged by red state governments throughout the country could not gain traction if the Constitution included the Equal Rights Amendment. This simple act was written in 1923 and passed by both houses of... more

Our very special guest this week is Claire Conner, author of Wrapped in the Flag: A Personal History of America's Radical Right (disclosure: link contains MOMocrats' Amazon affiliate code). Conner's parents were leaders of the John... more

North Carolina went for Obama in 2008, spurring pundits to declare it a purple state. Then came the red Tea Party wave of 2010: today, NC's GOP holds both the state legislature and governor's office, and the results have been dire for... more

Dr. Sophia Yen of the Silver Ribbon Campaign/Trust Women is the MOMocrats' guest this week with news of Obamacare, emergency contraception and the rise of 20-week abortion bans in states like Texas. Also discussed were... more

The shocking verdict in the Trayvon Martin case proved that electing an African-American President (twice) did not usher in a post-racial utopia. For many Americans, our country's racial divide is an uncomfortable topic to discuss -- but... more

When men are the only ones who govern, issues women care about tend to be swept under the rug. Just look at what happened this year on the Senate Armed Services Committee: The issue of military rape was heard front and center,... more