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Well, that was a drubbing wasn't it? Last week's bad election news – the voter suppression, the apathy, the disenchantment with Democratic messaging and a disconnect with actual achievements – has another and truly... more

A lame duck Congress went back to work today, which makes us wonder: Can it be any lamer than it's been the last four years? MOMocrats Cynematic, Karoli and Donna Schwartz Mills are not encouraged by reports that Harry Reid will not... more

We knew the odds were against Democrats in yesterday's midterm election, and even if we hadn't known, the breathless horserace reporting of the mainstream media made sure of it. It pains us to acknowledge that the pollsters' "likely... more

California's "top two" primary system has left many voters with a Hobson's Choice between two candidates of the same party. Queen of Spain Blog's Erin Kotecki Vest joins MOMocrats Karoli and Donna Schwartz Mills to talk about... more

The official date for the 2014 election is less than two weeks away, but early voting in several states has already begun. That hasn't stopped the now-typical wrangling over voting rules in states governed by Republicans. Saturday... more

We all agree: Ebola is scary, and the news that two healthcare workers in Dallas have contracted the disease is very disturbing. But the media coverage is not helping the situation. Fear sells papers and gets people to watch the news -- but... more

The MOMocrats' first podcast of October coincides with the opening of the 2014 term of the Supreme Court, which lately has been the source of horror stories like Citizens United and the gutting of the Voting Rights Act. RH Reality Check legal... more

Disturbing revelations about the Secret Service, after last week's incident with a White House intruder: The right wing is quick to blame the President himself for the agency's disarray - but really, how much of the problem can be traced to... more

Cynematic of K-12 News Network and Karoli of Crooks and Liars discuss current events. In recognition of Banned Book Week and student walkouts over attempts to "conservatize" AP American History curriculum, community outrage over a... more