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RH Reality Check's legal expert Jessica Pieklo joins the MOMocrats to parse the Hobby Lobby decision and the rest of this year's session of the Supreme Court. Cynematic, Karoli and Donna Schwartz Mills host this weekly political discussion... more

Last night's Republican runoff election between Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran and Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel has kept the political pundits busy -- and surprised, as Cochran squeezed out a victory, thanks to appeals to... more

From February 2014: As surprising as it may seem, Rand Paul is actually getting some traction with the left, mostly by bootstrapping onto the NSA surveillance stories and advocating for restoration of felons' voting rights. But don't be fooled... more

In a week that saw more outbreaks of domestic terrorism, school shootings, continued faux outrage at the Bergdahl release -- a ray of political good cheer: Eric Cantor lost his primary bid for re-election. MOMocrats Cynematic,... more

All around the country, in low-voter turnout elections everywhere, people are deciding who'll advance to mid-term elections in November. So did nice sane Democrats show up, or did we miss the boat again? And did Republicans show... more

How many times can we say "never again" before it's true? And how do we end the cycle of violence when it is wrapped so tightly around misogyny and race? How do we keep guns out of killers hands? And how do we address... more

Special discussion with United Opt Out's co-leaders, Peggy Robertson and Morna McDermott. Why is the impulse to opt chidlren out of standardized tests sweeping the nation at the moment? Because it's spring testing season. Some states... more

The Agents of Zeitgeist are passionate about TV and they share that passion this week. Hosted by TV bloggers Anne Louise Bannon and Elise Crane Derby, and Donna Schwartz Mills.

Tip O'Neill famously said, "All politics is local." And the great man was right - because that school board member you elect today can be the Senator representing you tomorrow. Unfortunately, Democrats have a bad habit of... more