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MOMocrats.com was launched in September 2007 as a national collaborative blog for progressive mom bloggers to write about politics from a mom's perspective.

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The GOP's healthcare plan is like a zombie movie - each time you think it's dead, it rises again. Conservatives are raging mad over the failure of the Republican Congress to repeal the ACA, and they're not afraid to target the moderate members of their caucus for actually caring about their constituents' well being. And yesterday, the President had all the party's Senators to lunch at the White House, so he could try to bully them into another try (we're looking at you, Dean Heller - who was pointedly seated right next to him). So Mitch McConnell is going to try again, using one of the many bills passed by the House during the Obama presidency. The problem is, no one is sure WHICH bill they are going to vote on - or whether a vote will even get to the floor. With the news that Senator McCain is fighting brain cancer, their majority is down to one. Speaking of the President - his interview with the New York Times yesterday was bonkers. MOMocrats Aliza Worthington and Donna Schwartz Mills discuss in the weekly political podcast from a progressive point of view. An Engender Media Group production.
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