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MOMocrats.com was launched in September 2007 as a national collaborative blog for progressive mom bloggers to write about politics from a mom's perspective.

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The MOMocrats' weekly podcast looking at the day's political news from the progressive point of view. Check back here an hour from airtime for a list of the topics. Chances are, there will be some discussion of what's happening in Congress and a reaction to the latest from lawmakers and candidates. An Engender Media Group production.
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Donald Trump gave a commencement speech yesterday to graduates of the US Coast Guard Academy that quickly turned into a whine about how he has been treated by the media, with no acknowledgement that the problems plaguing his... more

The big news in Congress today is that they voted on the AHCA. Again. Only this time, the House Republicans mustered the votes to repeal Obamacare and replace it with the latest version of Trumpcare. And no, they're not waiting... more

Trump is right about one thing: You can't judge an entire presidency by its first 100 days. But it is a useful benchmark, and this administration has been spectacular in all its failures: From the executive orders that keep getting struck... more

No one really expected Jon Ossoff to win yesterday's special election outright. GA-6 is a district that is 9 points more Republican than the country as a whole. But just the fact that he got 48% in a field of 20 candidates is pretty amazing.... more

That incident on United Flight 3411 doesn't have anything to do with Trump's America. Or maybe it does. It is indicative of an economy dominated by a few large corporations whose management considers their entities more important... more

The MOMocrats are suffering from Trump-inflicted news whiplash, forcing them to turn their attention to a different catastrophe several times a day. The first one Karoli, Aliza Worthington and Donna Schwartz Mills will address in this week's... more

Donald Trump promised the American people that we would get tired of all the endeavors he would be winning for us. It turns out he was right - just not the way he envisioned. Last week's implosion of the AHCA was a huge win... more

The House Republicans and Trump team have been working all night to tweak their terrible healthcare bill to get it through a floor vote tonight. But it's really tough to come up with a plan that will please both ultra-conservative "Freedom... more

Yesterday was a bad one for Donald Trump: His revised, legally-vetted travel ban was supposed to go into effect at midnight until yet another Federal judge slapped it down for violating the First Amendment right to freedom of religion - even... more