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MOMocrats.com was launched in September 2007 as a national collaborative blog for progressive mom bloggers to write about politics from a mom's perspective.

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The MOMocrats' weekly podcast looking at the day's political news from the progressive point of view. Check back here an hour from airtime for a list of the topics. Chances are, there will be some discussion of what's happening in... more

The election of Donald J. Trump and his rapid-fire issuance of careless, unvetted executive orders has awakened a sleeping giant on the left. On his first weekend in office, Trump was greeted by the spectacle of the Women's March. And... more

This week, we say good-bye to President Obama and try to prepare for the new Administration of Donald Trump, who despite recent revelations of ongoing intelligence investigations into ties with Russia, WILL be sworn in as our 45th... more

We're not quite sure what a dervish looks like, but this week we've been schooled in what it's like to be so overwhelmed by news events and political maneuvers that it's impossible to keep up with it all - and that is what Donald Trump... more

The Electoral College has voted and the last teeny tiny hope of a Trump-less White House is over. MOMocrats Karoli and Donna Schwartz Mills lament the end of a roller coaster year in politics and look ahead to survival through the... more

Each of Donald Trump's cabinet nominees seems uniquely positioned to destroy the very governmental agency they will be administering. Rick Perry, the latest nominee, famously forgot that the department even existed. In the meantime,... more

Donald Trump was named Person of the Year by TIME Magazine - which is appropriate, considering what he just accomplished by winning more pledged votes in the Electoral College. But Trump himself is upset that the magazine... more

While MOMocrats Karoli and Donna Schwartz Mills were enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday with their families, the folks in Trump Tower were busy interviewing candidates for cabinet positions. And the people announced so far... more

The people have spoken - and while Hillary Clinton appears to have won the popular vote, she didn't garner the votes she needed in the Electoral College. MOMocrats Karoli and Donna Schwartz Mills will review the historic election... more