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Lara Galloway

Lara Galloway

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One of my clients sent me a panicked email recently when she came across a website that seemed to be exactly what she believes her business is. The website was beautiful, its benefits and solutions for its audience were articulately so well and were easy to understand, and the experience of finding this website when my client is in the middle of updating her own website, messaging and offerings left her feeling .... well, deflated. She felt like all her hard work was good for nothing if someone else was already doing what she's doing, and especially since they seemed to be doing well.

Has this ever happened to you?

I bet lots of you are saying yes. And for those of you who haven't had the experience of finding out that someone else had your great idea, too, get ready. Because it will happen.

Tune in today as I give some advice for what to do when the competition steals your great idea.

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