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Mom entrepreneurs need many things to be successful at balancing work and family. Your host, Lara Galloway, The Mom Biz Coach, has been coaching women business owners for 10 years and helps them define success for themselves and achieve it. Join her on Wednesdays at 10 am ET for her 15 minute "audio blog." Get your weekly dose of business coaching for mombiz owners from a straight-talking mompreneur business coach. Lara offers business coaching along with mothering tips, small business marketing strategies, and funny stories about the joys and chaos of being a mom entrepreneur. If you could use a little inspiration, or a guide from a mombiz owner who's "been there, done that," or if you just want to hear from a woman who has learned to laugh off her mistakes and accept her life as perfect (just the way it is), you'll want to tune in every week. Lara is an author, speaker and business coach. Hire her when you need the clarity and confidence to make big decisions and changes in your life or business or have her speak to your group. Learn more at or Grab a copy of her book, Moms Mean Business: A Guide to Creating a Successful Company and a Happy Life as a Mom Entrepreneur, just published by Career Press at

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I'm hosting another one of my popular Get It Done Days on April 2nd (read more about it on the blog here), and I've been talking to several of you about how to pick an awesome project you can really complete in one day. Whether you join... more

How can you make your health a priority when you have other priorities demanding your attention?How can we expect to feel healthy, strong and powerful when we deny our basic needs like good sleep, healthy eating and exercise? I'll... more

We all know we need to network in order to build relationships that help build our business. There are plenty of groups out there we could join, but how do we find the right fit for us? Tune in today as I share some tips for making sure... more

They say a cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind, and that often rings true for many mom entrepreneurs, especially those who work from home. Is the clutter building up all around you? Is it distracting you from the work you need to get... more

Are you constantly setting goals for yourself only to ignore or give up on them soon after you create them? Do you have good intentions but really stink at follow through? Are you tired of feeling mad and frustrated at yourself? You may be in... more

One of my private coaching clients is in a period of transition and considering what kind of business she wants to start next. She has considered everything from a green/environmental startup to a financial trading firm to afterschool and... more

I attended and spoke at a fabulous conference yesterday: The Michigan Business Professional Association's Women and Leadership in the Workplace Conference. The organizers provided several opportunities for the 400 attendees to network... more

As a mom, your life is defined by much time you have before the kids get up, the logistics involved in picking up and dropping off kids in different places at the same time, how much time you have to work on a client's project, etc.... more

I'm headed to Las Vegas to speak at a private leadership retreat this weekend--woo hoo!!--and the title of my talk and workshop is "Own Your Path." I thought I'd give you a little preview of what I'll be sharing with the... more

A client of mine scheduled a call with me last week and asked this question: "I'm just wondering if now is the time for me to quit?" Have you ever had this question? Have you pondered whether you've come to the end of the line with... more
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