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Modern Living with Dr Angela

Modern Living with Dr. Angela


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Applying mental health tips to our faith for day-to-day life; keeping you empowered and uplifted. Modern Living for today's Christian.

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A talk will be about the wilderness and what he endured; the thoughts, the experience, consequences and strange occurrences. Join me as I speak with Mark Binkley, author of Red Dot Shot: Phantom of the Wilderness. Pick up your copy at http://enlightenmentwilderness.com/ SUPPORT GoFundMe Page of TurbineX: https://www.gofundme.com/AIRGENERATOR Our vision is to use 100% CLEAN & GREEN energy to power the grid.
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To Mend a Broken Heart is a personal narrative that's as heartbreaking as it is inspiring. In it, she discusses overcoming depression, narcissistic abuse and finding the strength to not only love yourself again but allowing God to mend the... more
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