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Modern Living with Dr Angela

Modern Living with Dr. Angela


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Applying faith to your day-to-day life; keeping you empowered and uplifted. Modern Living for today's Christian.

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A flick of a tail, the flutter of wings, and the Faith of a girl… Even in times of darkness, the light is only a kiss away. Faith has just come home from the children's hospital, but she's still far from well. Her world seems dark and dreary… but her faithful cat, Jasper, is determined to bring light back into her life. With the healing power of the butterfly and the wishes of dandelion fields, Jasper and Sir Butterfly embark with Faith on a journey towards hope. A Butterfly's Kiss is the heartwarming tale of a young girl finding hope amid life's challenges. Change can be frightening, but it often brings new beginnings… just ask a butterfly! Join me as we speak with the author David Faustina.
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Poke the Bear: Time to Awaken Out of Sleep (http://pokethebear.org/), is a dynamic resource that speaks to the issue of Christians who bear the name but are not playing the game. The author unleashes the truth of why... more

Empowerment & Transformation Mentor, and Spiritual Life Coach, Cynthia Isaac resides in St Louis, Missouri. She works with women local, onsite, and online via conference calls and/or Skype. Speaking to women of all ages; especially... more

Most churches cant attract the unchurch in their community because most churches were created by church people. So how do we have conversation with folks that aren't "church folk" and get them involved in fellow with like believers.... more

Eddy Mann's a... musician, songwriter, worship leader, teacher, speaker, coach, husband, and father... whether you know him as one or more of these people, you know his heart; you know his love for life. Though his past has been playful and... more

In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, it's easy for our mental health to take a backseat. Most of us get sidetracked by errands, job duties, kids, and whatever else pops up on our to do list for the day. A Bureau of Labor Statistics study... more

There is nothing like the feeling of self sufficient living. Why pay the high prices of today's markets when you can make or build it yourself. Well that's what our guest will talk about today -- self suffcient living + living as a Christian. BONUS... more

Ever noticed how some people seem to have it easy - nothing seems to ever get in their way? What do they know that you don't know? It's the power of will. Willpower that is. So how can your willpower work for you instead of against... more

Opportunity. What is it and why do we need it? According to Webster opportunity is a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. Yet many people say opportunity never presents itself to them. Is that true or are they unable... more

Improving your self-image, like improving any skill, takes time and practice. After all, self-esteem is a product of your mind, and that means that it's in your hands to change it, to improve it. Take the steps towards a better self image now. BONUS... more
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