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Modern Living with Dr Angela

Modern Living with Dr. Angela


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Applying mental health tips to our faith for day-to-day life; keeping you empowered and uplifted. Modern Living for today's Christian.

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This world will soon come to an end. Is this generation ready to face Jesus Christ? And what is ahead of all mankind? I know many people don't want to be bothered with this truth. There is a real life after death for both going to heaven for living for Jesus Christ and the rest finding themselves in hell for rejecting Christ, but there is still hope for you if you are alive and reading this book, for God still loves this world. He has extended his grace period for those who are still in the valley of a decision to make up their mind today, for tomorrow may be too late. Heaven is a place to begin a new life after death, so get ready. We'll discuss this with author Felicia Sarpong Gambrah of The New Glory Prayer Fellowship. You can find her online at HeavenOurFinalHome.com
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