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MN.B.R.T. Radio with David Rodriguez

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Join Elusive1 as he welcomes David Rodriguez to the show.

David Rodriguez is a 55 yr old Oregon resident who has had a number of encounters with Sasquatch over the last 35 years. Dave is an avid outdoorsman, hunter, and self made naturalist, having spent untold amount of time solo in woods, which is probably a key contributor for his many encounters. Dave has worked in the woods and fought wildland fires for many years as well, plus he has taken on various community projects where he lives. His first visual encounter of a Sasquatch occurred back in 1977 in Yosemite National Park where he lived and worked. He along with his buddy who was asleep in the passenger seat, almost ran into a bigfoot late at night when it crossed the road in front of his vehicle. Dave figures he skidded to within 25' eye to eye as it looked down at him, thus starting a long journey of examination of theories and occasional interaction with these beings. His most recent 'major' face to face encounter was while deer hunting in the Cascades 7 yrs ago, when just before dark a Sasquatch came crashing through the woods in a very aggressive manner to cut him off along the trail. Dave and his German Shepherd companion then had to approach the sasquatch if he wanted to pass it before darkness, coming to within 22 feet of him at the closest. Having had the many encounters of his past, allowed him presence of mind to avoid a deadly confrontation and possibly becoming just another statistical lost hunter. Instead he spoke very calmly to the sasquatch with a plea to be peaceful, while of course holding his finger steady on the trigger of his rifle and praying. Admittedly he was never so afraid in his life, and with a large dog at his side, he was able to keep the situation calm instead of one of survival.