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MN.B.R.T. Radio with Jim Hocking Touched by a Yowie

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Join Elusive1 as he welcomes Jim Hocking to the show,  Jim is a  62 years old, Electrician as a trade, Lived up and down the East Coast of Australia, Lived with the Natives in Torres Strait looking after and teaching them to look after water supplies to each community. Had some unexplained events happen up there to. They were Cannibals???? until Religion was introduced in the 1800s. My family settled here during the 1850s Gold Rush in the High Country in Victoria. They dealt with Yowies during the years they lived there without problems. Sometimes even being helped by them.
The stories they passed down to me made me grow up believing that they were just another living being in our Bush.
I was 16 or17 when I came across mine. I was camped out near a Beach in East Gippsland Victoria and my mates had met a couple of girls. They dropped me off not far from camp and I was walking home. It was just on Sunset and light rain was falling, I had about 1/2 a mile to walk along a sandy dirt track. I heard something in the bush not far away travelling parallel to me, There was lots of wildlife in the area so i was not concerned. It stayed about the same distance and I could not see it at all. When I arrived back at our Camp I sat on a log and poked a fire that was just embers and tried to get it going again, I was under a tarp strung between trees.
This thing then appeared into the clearing we had set up camp in, it got down low and moved toward me. It was not aggressive in movement or sound so I stayed in my position and reached out my arm in its direction. When it got about 6ft away it reached out its hand as well and we touched hands mine passing over the back of its feeling the skin (it felt like a leather riggers glove) it squatted near me and just kept its head tilted toward me but not looking directly at me.