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    Martial Arts Talk Show with Host Dan Vena Sensei

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    Welcome to the Martial Arts Talk Show Hosted by Kancho Dan Vena inheritor of Ed McGrath's School of Isshinryu Karatedo & Kobudo in association with Kancho Vena's IIAOKA. The Isshando International American Okinawan Karatedo Association was founded on December 20th, 2014 by Kaicho Daniel J. Vena 10th Dan Ju Dan Hanshi Go Isshinryu Karatedo in memory of the "Voice of Karate" Ed McGrath Sensei. His instructor Grand Master Donald Hugh Nagle Father of American Isshinryu. All first generation United States Marine Corps Students and our Founder Shimabuku Tatsuo Shinkichi Sensei. Today's program will cover the Brown and Down Tournament being hosted by Team KIA in association with Hanshi Phil Little's USIKA. The date of the event will be Saturday-October 15th, 2016 in Lexington North Carolina. Renshi Kyle Forrest, Sempai Chris Forrest are organizing this first ever open tournament celebrating 60 years of Isshinryu's existance and our kyu ranks.

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    Drink Up or Shut Up: Episode 1

    in MMA

    Kristine and Chris recap Bellator 170 and more

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    Fight Fix 1103

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    Hey Freaks call your sponsors & book a room in rehab because this week you're gonna get your FIGHT FIX!!! This week we've got Ben Big Tuna Parrish talking about his upcoming pro debut. This week's topics (might include) local mma, national mma, international mma & maybe even midget stick fighting. So tune in! You're welcome