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Mixture of Arts is a creative mixture of topics and diversity of music show. Also, learn internet marketing strategies, and get helpful tips to making money on the internet with Saytue SayeWhat. Life, deep, poet, writer, exotic, bold, culture, music, issues, love, internet, marketing

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Become a MCA Agent at Are you interested in becoming a MCA Motor Club of America Associate or simply a member? There are a lot of reasons why Mca is better than aaa, and I will explain it to you.... more

Ya'll remember Youngbloodz, right? Well, Sean P. the other half will be chillen with me tonight talking about his up and coming proijects. Stay tuine and leave ya comments below.

Joseph Hall was in fact only 10 years old when he shot and killed his father, Jeffrey Hall. Hall shot his father from point blank range with a .357 Magnum as he slept on a sofa in their family home in May 2011.

Born in California, Fallon is one of the hottest up and coming female encee's up to date. Compare her style to Lil Kim, Erykah Badu and Slum Village. I want to introduce to you her hit track Occupy ! Tune in....

Blaq Kharma is hosting tonight's show on Mixture of Arts. She will be covering: Whats the Media's real agenda Power of influence: real and propaganda What are they really focusing on and why? Who gets to decided what is... more

I decided to do a show on a friend of mine name Sasha Renee. She died last night in a car accident. This means a lot to me, because I have a personal story that I want to share. If you know Sasha, call in and share your favorite... more

In this segment of Mixture of Arts, I will break it down in telling you the secret of paying for college, car, wedding and debt. If you are struggling with any of these, then I encourage you to listen. more

Do light skinned chicks fall faster and crazier than dark skinned chicks?

Sylviane Nuccio is a Freelance Writer, Life Coach, and a blogger. As a freelance writer, she writes about any topic under the sun, creating quality content for her clients. As a life coach, she helps people understand and use their... more

As you may remember back in 1995 to 1999, No Limit was definitely bumpin. With songs like "Thinking about you" and "I miss my homies", you can't help but to never forget the No Limit Days. On this episode of Mixture of Arts, Saytue... more
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