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Dr Mitchell Yass

Stop Your Pain Now, The Yass Way!


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The show presents the Yass Method as the only true method to diagnose and treat chronic pain. Dr Yass was heard on Hay House radio's the I can do it hour

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Look around you. Look at your family, friends, coworkers. Everybody gets treated for pain and yet they still have it. You see to see that there is an alternative track with a different destination. You have to choose which train to board.... more

The existing medical model of diagnosing the cause of pain is through the use of the MRI. This test identifies structural variations such as herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis and the alike which simply because they are first identified at the time a... more

If your skin were transparent, the majority of all the surgeries being performed to address chronic pain would never occur and for good reason. If you were able to see arthritis developing as you went along your day without any symptoms and... more

Because the existing model of identifying the cause of your pain through the MRI is baseless so most people end up with the same if not greater pain after treatment, has allowed finge ideas to sprout which are also baseless but are still... more

For over 3 decades MRIs have been finding structural variations like herniated discs, stenosis and arthritis. A cultural belief system stirred by the medical establishment has coerced you into believing that simply upon identification... more

How many people have been diagnosed with "neuropathy" and led to surgery or other procedures and yet there is no physical evodence to justify this diagnosis. No wonder people get no relief of their symptoms! Listen tonight to Stop Your... more

The system is locked in a time warp! Robots request MRIs to identify the cause of your pain and accept the results without question. I am telling you; no begging you to ask these 2 questions before you accept the results of being vaild and... more

The failure rate for back surgery is somewhere around 70-80%. The medical establishment was required to coin a new diagnosis called "failed back surgery syndrome" to account for the massive number of cases where a person had the... more

The Amazon commercial with the priest and imon buying each other knee braces because of knee pain when standing up after sitting for awhile underscores the false culturally accepted premise that pain is chronic and has to be dealt with... more

Another year brings hope that the chronic pain you have been suffering will end. But how can this happen if you continue to look to an existing system that is flawed and unable to diagnose the cause of your symptoms. Its time to make a... more