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Founded on the Principles of our nations Founding Fathers, we bring to you programing based on Constitutional Grassroots beliefs.

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I've just returned from the inaugural issue of The Freedom Talks. This is a good program with the potential of being a great one. Tune in for my recap, kudos, and constructive criticisms. We'll also discuss Right to Work, Convention of... more
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A panel of hosts from Missouri Grassroots Radio lead a lively panel discussing hot items form the week past. Tonight Mike Smith, Dallas County Coordinator for Missouri Fair Tax, joins us in a primer on the Fair Tax.

On this Thursday edition of the Hour of Truth, Adam Warren joins Dave for an hour long discussion of the state of the state. Adam is running for Missouri Attorney General.

Linda Ragsdale and Alex McCarthy of Americans for Prosperity, Ed Martin and Adam Warren, Missouri Attorney General Candidates.

Bev Randles is a political and fiscal conservative, a successful attorney, and the wife of Bill Randles, the Republican candidate for Missouri governor. She's an intriguing lady, and an hour of conversation with her is time well spent. Listen or... more

"American Federalism: Madison's "Lost" Amendment" How do states reclaim their power and stay the hand of the federal government? Lloyd Sloan talks with Dave tonight about the repeal amendment originated by James Madison; its... more

Who will show up for tonight's roundtable. It's been a busy week in news for Patriots. Always lively, always controversial, always fun. And you are always welcome - 347-677-1835

A free-speech event. Host Dave takes on all comers in a free-for-all rant. Call in and agree or disagree. This is America, after all, for a while yet anyway.

Lisa talks with Bob McCarty, author of Three Days in August; Sandy Garber of K&N Patriots; and Cindy McGee of Show Me Patriots in a discussion about ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Committee).

Frozen pizza. Coupon books. Cookie dough; it's out of control. Are you tired of pushing Thin Mints and Samoas on your exhausted friends? Or are you the one with no kids at all, who avoids making eye contact at work every time there's a... more

Want to see Jay Nixon join the unemployed? Tonight's guest is Bill Randles - and he joins you in that sentiment. Bill is running as the Conservative alternative to our left-wing governor and promises a spirited and pointed discussion.
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