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Founded on the Principles of our nations Founding Fathers, we bring to you programing based on Constitutional Grassroots beliefs.

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It's not about cattle, mineral mining, past due fees, turtles, or anything you have been hearing about over the last week. The rumors run rampant, but what is the truth? This week, Cliven Bundy is here to tell us the uncut story of what... more
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Robert Stone is the Prayer Coordinator for 40 Days for prayer for Life in Springfield Missouri. Rob tells us his story of how he got involved and shares what we can all do to make a difference in our own communities. He is a retired... more

Our guests last night couldn't make it, so, we are doing it again! Lloyd Sloan joins us as we discuss the State Repeal Amendment, the petition process for amending the Constitution, and other things. Why is State Sovereignty so important?... more

Action packed, exciting night tonight! Mike Moon comes for his weekly visit, and what a newsmaker. HR476 (Impeachment) will get a public hearing in the Judiciary Committee on 4/22. Catch the updates. HCR41 hovers in the General... more

Tonight we talk more about what the government has done to your food, in terms of pumping it full of toxins and what it means for your health. Dr. Josephine Lee, of The Lee Institute of Health and Wellness, joins us to give us the... more

The headline reads: "Mozilla Co-Founder Brendan Eich Resigns as CEO..." Are we at a point where people are getting fired for holding beliefs? Today wI talk with David Usher, President for the Center for Marriage Policy, as we discuss how a... more

You think the Second Amendment gives you a right to keep and bear a gun? Think again. You think the First Amendment gives you a right to practice anty religion you see fit? Wrong again. In the first hour, we will discuss once more... more

It's been and exciting week in Jeff City. Keith Carmichael will join us again to discuss the HB2036 hearing this past week in the House Committee on General Laws. We will discuss SCR38, the State Repeal Amendment headed for public... more

Tonight Cindy McGee and I are joined by Patrick Werner, MO AFP, to discuss Right To Work. Cindy and I will also take up other important and timely topics such as the Common Core battle in Missouri, updates on the Justina Pelletier... more

Carl Bearden, former State Representative and Chair of the House Budget Committee, shares with us some insights on the state legislature and governmental budgets. www.unitedformissouri.org, On this program we discuss... more
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