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Hello Everyone! Welcome to my 1st BlogtalkRadio Show! I'm glad you came by if only to check out how lame I may be. LOL I really hope you enjoy the topics that they will keep you guessing, thinking and talking even after the show is over. The purpose of my channel is to talk about subjects that concern citizens of the black community. Parenting, marriage, relationships (in general), issues that plague the black community and solutions to the problems and so much more (I haven't come up with them yet!) lol Again, thank you for visiting my channel and I hope you enjoy yourself, learn something and teach someone because we can all learn a little more from each other. God bless, MissImerica

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Disclaimer: This subject is not a generalization of ALL black women (as I am a black woman who doesn't adhere to the stereotype...)Instead, its a vehicle by which we'll discuss how some black women look at themselves and how it... more

For the past 4 weeks, our show has been centered around the seriousness of the ails of the black community....questions, answers, and solutions. I thought it would be good to break the monotany "if only for one night" and just have... more

I'm sure, Ladies and Gentlemen, that we've all been in relationships that have either succeeded or failed. What I'd like to talk about this evening is the ever-climbing divorce rate, the conditions under which marriages/ relationships... more

According to our young black girls and boys, Lil' Wayne, Souljahboytellem, and 50 Cent speak to what's really happening in the black community. My question to you all is whether gangsta rap and other forms of music adopted by black youth is... more

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen...this show is dedicated to almost EVERY topic under the sun, concerning the black community. From love and marriage (How to make it work), to how politics affects the black community. Please add your... more

As I said in the last show which lasted 15 minutes (my fault)... This subject is huge among relationships especially those where the couples live together. I'm going to open up the discussion with two questions...#1. Women, is it right to... more

This show is dedicated to black women in the interest of finding solutions to healing ourselves from past hurts, finding out what our place is in the home, in the lives of our loved ones, in the black community and in the presence of... more
MissImerica 1974

Welcome to my Channel, Ladies and Gentlemen;

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12:32:16 AMGood Morning everyone. I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd spend some time developing my new Blogtalkradio account! It was a strange journey, between yesterday and today, deciding what subject to talk about first... Then I thought... more
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