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Miss X is unique and different in comparison to other horror and paranormal show hosts. She has hosted Night Owls Radio since 2008. Topics of the surreal, strange, sci-fi and supernatural. Past guests include Marty "Superhost" Sullivan, Count Gore, Dale Kay, Bigfoot researchers, Tina Brandon, near-death experiencer, Babes for Bigfoot , the filmmaker/director of 'Sabbath', and many more.

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At last Miss X and Night Owls Radio is back with a working phone ! We had many technical difficulties with the old phone that was used to call in to host the show, and are sorry to have missed the last several weeks. Tonight, get ready for a review of the recent horror film Annabelle, the very creepy doll. *When this guy saw how weird and scary the doll's face looked, WHY did he buy it for his wife?!? *
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So, as you may know, Night Owls radio is old-fashioned horror radio at its best, and we don't even keep up on current paranormal programs, because we don't have a tv! We also are outdoors in the sultry summer air, telling you the latest... more

Miss X just had unexpected surgery early Friday Eve, the night of her show, but the show must go on!!! So, Miss X brings you a special show topic tonight (in between bleeding and recovery from the HORRIBLE abscess she had!!!) Ew..... more

It's July 4th weekend, and Miss X is giving you the best of the old and low-budget in monster movies to watch this summer .. we are talkin' horror monster stuff galore! Films that just EXUDE summer, so tune in to hear the list!

Miss X is completely and totally broke in the old wooden shack, so she has decided to binge-watch monster movies this weekend, starting with tonight's show. We kick it off with a sci-fi film from 1972- "The Doomsday Machine", and a... more

We are coming upon the summer solstice, the only time of year in which every part of Earth will receive 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light. More oddities we share on this planet. Miss X often thinks of Teddy Roosevelt whilst... more

Many of you chiller thrillers may be familiar with the film Dead People, made in the 1970's. It apparently is known for some groundbreaking scenes in the field of vampirism and horror films. We briefly tell you of it tonight. Listen in for some... more

With updates on the incredible sighting in Montana, embark with Miss X on the Ghost Train, a surprisingly-old movie from 1941, with a very creepy train track scene! A bunch of passengers are stranded at an old train depot that is said to... more

Long promised, long anticipated, tonight Night Owls Radio focuses on the elusive and rare sightings of the White Sasquatch. Miss X in Montana.

Miss X recently auditioned on Broadway in NYC for a Broadway show and shares her experiences!
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