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Miss X's telling of the classic Dicken's tale of a man's visit from 3 ghosts on Christmas Eve has been presented since 2008. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!
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Miss X crawls out of the marble crypt to present to you a story you may have recently seen on a cable television channel.. just what is the huge wormlike creature felt in the deserts of Mongolia? It is said to give off electricity which... more

Another horror film , the title of which Miss X could not resist, continues your Hallow's Eve season. Tune in to hear more classic horror schlock with your indefatigable hostess, the mysterious Miss X. Call 646-595-2579 to contribute to... more

In 2008, I was the first woman from my area to create a show that combined late night horror hosting with supernatural guests and topics. We celebrate 6 years on air with annual listener's choice night. You choose the topic or film,... more

The mysterious Miss X brings you her yearly traditional telling of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. LIVE BROADCAST FROM A HALLOWEEN DANCE AND COSTUME PARTY !!!!!.... and... meander down to the Ghoulardifest, a... more

The Giant Starfish are coming!!!!! We get you ready for All Hallow's Eve Season with this 1956 feature from Japan.. well, we try, anyway. Starfish with super-loud, piercing noises come to give earth-dwellers a message. Grab your popcorn, sit... more

Okay, in the mysterious Miss X's search for wacky stories of the week, she stumbled across this one about a 1960's chimp who had some features and actions similar to that of humans. This led to a discussion of the possibility of a... more

Tune in to hear real life stories of sightings from beings who can only be described as angels. They offer comfort or help, and then simply disappear. Call in with your story, if you have one to share. 646-595-2579.

Hmm.. not too many know about this film, Dracula's Daughter, from 1936.. including your Mysterious host, Miss X ! So tune in to hear a l'il few clips from this film, which includes Marguerite Churchill in the cast. We will also update you on... more

Miss X wrote, directed, and stars in King Singapore, a film that is a horror spoof of old, schlocky sci fi monster movies of the 50's and 60's, from the queen of schlock herself! Also, it felt like a house of seven corpses night, so we got you Dracula's... more
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Thank you ALL for hanging in with the show while Miss X was on a frightfully slow, impossible dial-up connection for four long months! I am especially grateful to: 1. Francy of "Francy and Friends" radio. She not only manned the... more
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