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Miss Anne Thrope

The World According To Miss Anne-Stalky Bananas after hours


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Are you ready? Cause I am. Oh this is going to be fun lovelies. This talk show is about whatever your imagination can conjure up, and then some. It's all about the........

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This month's episode is going to concentrate on mental health/illness within the pagan/witchcraft/spiritual/magical communities. Is modern medicine that treats mental illness harming those who have empathic abilities, or healing abilities?... more

This show will be a random topic show, with some guidance. My friend Miriam and I will be talking about witchcraft, curses, and the like. I am pretty sure we will be making fun of those people who think they can curse somebody by posting... more

Fandoms. Love them hate them or loathe them. Fandoms are here to stay, and some are quite massive. Today's show will be about all sorts of fandoms. From music too televsion. What, that is if you have one, fandom or fandoms can you... more

On today's show, my friend Miriam and I will be discussing why people sabotage their spiritual practices, why people hop from one spiritual practice to another, and why people keep the reminants of a former spiritual practice. Tune in.

If you think I give a shit; you should know better. This blog talk radio show is not for the faint of heart, those who think that I am talking about them(cause if I am gonna talk about you I will address you and welcome you on the show to spit... more

An ego is a great thing to have, when that ego remains in check. An uncontrolled ego can reign chaos upon many places. The Interent, and even that place call reality. The ego is nothing other than the focus of conscious attention. Alan... more

Mental illness. How many really suffer from a mental disorder, and how many just say they have one for shits sake? I will be talking about this very issue on this week's episode.

A member of the plebs was known as a plebeian. This term is used today to refer to one who is or appears to be of the middle or lower order; Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plebs I am not the middle class. I am of the working... more

In the spirit of October, I am going to be reading some poems and stories of the darker variety.

This first installment of The Praying Mantis storytelling half hour, or so subject is going to be the Greater Good. I am going to be telling a story that deals with how the Greater Good has affected my life. Sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy... more
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