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Miracles X Mysteries

{(To Teresa Neumann, stigmatist--words of Our Lord}:
The provocations have in these days attained their height.  The furies of Hell rage now.  The chastisement of God is inevitable.
Every future petition to help them, to spare them, displeases Me.  If you petition Me for the conversion of dying sinners in the last hour, I will hear you.  No!  Do not petition Me to prevent this chastisement.  Until now victims (many of whom existed in many parishes), have offered their merits to expiate for the crimes of mankind, which held back the wrath of god, but now their expiations are not enough and the chastisement is now certain and unpreventable.  It will happen suddenly.  Fortunate are those who are already in their graves.  I have warned them and have postponed, as I did with
Sodom, but Sodom would not listen to Me, nor do the people listen to Me nowadays, nor heed My warnings, therefore they will incur the sad experience of My wrath which they deserve.

"War is punishment for sin..." Our Lady of Fatima

{Elizabeth Canori-Mora -d.1825}
All men shall rise against the other, and they shall kill one another without pity.  Durin this sanguinary conflict, the avenging arm of God will strike the wicked and in His mighty power He will punish their prise and presumption.  God will employ the powers of Hell for the extermination of these impious and heretical persons who desire to overthrow the church and destroy it to its foundation.  These presumptuous men in their mad impiety believe they can overthrow God from His Throne; but the Lord will despise these artifices, and through an effect of His Mighty Han He will punish these impious blasphemers by giving permission to the infernal spirits of demons who shall overrun the earth and shall execute the orders of Divine Justice by causing terrible calamities and disasters; they shall attack everything; they shall injure individual persons and entire families; they shall devastate property and alimentary productions; cities and villages.  Nothing on earth shall be spared.  God will allow the demons to strike with death those impious men because they gave themselves up to the infernal powers and had formed with them a compact against the Catholic Church.
Being desirous of more fully penetrating my spirit with a deeper sentiment of His Divine Justice, God showed to me the awful abyss: I saw in the bowels of the earth a dark and frightening cavern, whence an infinie number of demons were issuing forth, who under the form of men and beassts came to ravage the earth, leaving everywhere ruins and blood.  Happy will be all true and good Catholics!
They shall experience the powerful protection of the holy Apostles, Saint Peter and Paul, who will watch over them lest they may be injured either in their persons or their property.  Those evil spirits shall plunder every place where God has been outraged, despised, and blasphemed, the edifices they profaned will be pulled down and destroyed and nothing but ruins shall remain of them.
After this frightful pubishment I saw the Heavens opening and St. Peter coming down again upon earth, he was vested in his pontifical robes and surrounded by a great number of angels who were chanting hymns in his honor and they proclaimed him as the sovereign of the earth.  I also saw St. Paul descending upon the earth and chained the demons whom he brought before St. Peter, who commanded them to return into Hell whence they had come.
Then a great light appeared upon the earth which was the sign of reconciliation of God with man.  The angels conducted before the prince of the apostles the small flock that had remained faithful to Jesus Christ.
These good and zealous Christians testified to him the most profound respect, praising God and thanking the apostles for having delivered them from the common destruction, and for having protected the church of Jesus Christ by not permitting her to be infected with the false maxims of the world.  st. Peter then chose the new Pope.  The church was again organized: religious orders were re-established; the private families of ordinary Christians, through their great fervor and zeal for the glory of God became like the most exemplary communities.  Such is the glorious triumph reserved for the Catholic Church; she shall be praised, honored and esteemed by all men.  All men shall become Catholics and shall acknowledge the Pope as Vicar of Christ.
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