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Welcome to "Miracles & Mysteries" - our new and exciting show which discusses prophecies, past and present and how they relate to the times we are living; miraculous happenings around the world and scientific mysteries and anamolies; mystical phenomena. Natural disasters are proliferating today in a terrifying way, numerous violent storms on the increase--tornadoes in unusual places, hurricanes, major earthquakes in unsuspecting areas, tsunamis and floods of epic proportions, and many more too numerous to mention--then we ask, "How do we make sense of all of this? Where is the God of love in all of this" or "Why does God permit these evils to come upon the world?" Is He perhaps trying to get our attention?" Week by week, we will embark upon this journey together analyzing, interpreting, praying for mitigation of the signs of these times and how we can better prepares our minds and hearts for what yet is to come. Our host and guests will have much illuminating insights and answers for all who are seeking some answers during these difficult times. We will be exploring miraculous happenings from all over the world to help give us all hope for the future of humanity. Call-ins are welcome and we encourage questions and your own encounters with miracles, the supernatural, angels and the like. We hope to open a forum of discussion in which many topics not handled in the mainstream media are met. See you there!

On-Demand Episodes

Join us for another live interview with LA Marzulli, author of "The Alien Interviews"which will be going into deeper as well as many current events, and the NWO agenda, etc.

Another live interview with the author of "Politics, Prophecy, and..." and "Alien Interviews"--he will be giving us updates and new insights into the current events and earth changes taking place now...

We will be joined by the author of "The Nephilim and the apocalypse" and his newest book, The Return of the Antichrist." It is almpst universally agreed by commentators that we are in what is called the Last Days. Because of this,... more

We welcome back LA Marzulli for a continuance of our interviews with him and his most recent literary endeavor, "The Alien Interviews." We will explore this as well more discussion of the Nephilim, etc.

We continue on with connecting the dots with these excerpts from recent interview between Tom Horn (author of "AppolyonRising" and Steve Quayle...much new info you haven't heard yet. To buy his book, go to his website... more

An interesting interview excerpt from Tom Horn and Steve Quayle on the Nephilim, giants in the earth, secret seals, fallen angels, angel in the whirlwind, Enoch, cosmic forces manipulating the goals of occult and esoteric realms...

A continuation and more info on various apparitions all over the world...

An interesting presentation on the various Marian apparitions all over the world...

our weekly spiritual direction with Fr. Wingate with excerpts from past interviews on Coast to Coast with George Noory and The Edge interview---lots of info on his prophecy of the invasion of America, end times, WWIII,the Antichrist, etc. FOR... more

We will be joining our weekly guest, Fr. Wingate and review some of his recent predictions amd also discussing these against the backdrop of current events...