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Ever wonder why you do the things that you don't want to do, and don't do the things you DO want to do? Today, we explore techniques for completely ridding the mind of self-destructive thoughts. Its easier than you think. When... more

Why do African-American people relate so much to the biblical character JOB? Why would God make a bet with Satan to kill JOBS children, servants and animals just to test him? Why would God Make a bet with the devil to give JOB... more

It appears that Jesus and the Christian church has different opinions about how this present world will end. I invite your calls,comments and debate on the issue of whether the rapture is a concocted fable made up by Christianity... more

It is said the the entire creation groans and travail in pain, waiting on the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. But who are they? In every community across the USA (especially black communities) Christianity, which... more

The scribes and pharisees of Jesus day were the same book thumping preachers of today. Jesus had a tailored message for the preachers that was different from his message to the common man. He told the preachers that they were of... more

Today we ask the obvious questions about the glaring contradictions of Christianity. I invite ANY Christian to come in and "DEFEND THE FAITH". Debate me on the questions of the "whys of Christianity. You will not be out... more

I take your calls to answer the question. Churches fill the cities of America, all claiming to follow the "Word of God". What is the word of God and how do you know it when you see it. I invite your calls and opinions. Rigorous debate... more

I will open up the phone lines to debate Christians regarding JOB, the tower of babel and The flood. It is my contention that these are the acts of a savage posing as God to force others to bow down to him. Call in. Lets debate it.

If Jesus was successful in removing the sins of the world, why do christians still sin and claim that the world is still in sin? I will open up the lines to DEBATE any christian on the subject.I contend that christianity has nothing to do with Jesus.... more