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Ministry of 7 days Confirmation


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Let’s say we could take the road that caused us some life agony and we tend to share it over and over again with anyone who will give us ten minutes of non-stop griping. But since Believers walk with authority every day illuminating victory over clinging to defeat and bask in God’s glory over filling your own head with worry. It becomes difficult to be a witness if you haven’t been through some uncertainty as you travel in this life. You would be unable to make statements that guarantee what you have observed and it comes not from what someone told you or from a place you read information from. You are the walking information causing you to be a witness of The Eternal God’s mysterious and miraculous authority.  God’s amazing power is shown through the people of God. When we trust in Him and cease to worry and turn our words of woes to words of wisdom, we will be that witness showing our Creator defends the cause of those who trust Him. We who follow the principle teachings of Yahusha/Jesus Christ have been shown the way but yet we sometimes allow ourselves to become burden down in all the workings of an eight hour day. Temporary things like money, debt and taxes and artificial things like man-made traditions and systems should not keep us in constant bondage. God’s people are not tied down to empty fulfillments that humanity gives but we are secure and at peace in the everlasting miraculous power of God. He will allow us to overcome whatever.God’s way and truth will make you free more than the continue worry you won’t release yourself from and the constant second and third opinions you seek from others.  We the people of our God, The Eternal are told not to be anxious about anything.

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