Black Tech Empowerment Saturdays

Pam Perry PR Coach

Pam Perry PR Coach

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We firmly believe if you don't get online - you will get left behind. And too many of our folks are getting left behind. And that scares us.

So we endeavor to motivate, encourage and help be the beckon of light for those who are scared of the fast changes on the internet or don't get the critical importance of the information highway - and how to leverage it to get their message out to the masses.

 "Black Tech Empowerment Saturdays" will feature hosts Pam Perry and Melodye Hunter interviewing the nations top Tech & Social Media Super Stars in the black community.

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Guest experts:

  • Elbert McQuiller, My Black Networks
  • Marcia Wade Talbert, Black Enterprise
  • Khaliph Young, City of Detroit
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