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The Ginger London Ministries Show is a talk show discussing the issues of life providing practical answers from the Word of God. An in-depth exploration of biblical truths are expounded upon concerning varies areas of life such as relationships, spiritual growth, and work relations to help believers live holy and victorious lives. Minister Ginger London, MA is an ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a Certified Life Coach in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is assigned to "perfect the saint" with biblical truths expounding upon them as a preacher, teacher, counselor, and Christian life coach. She was called to ministry under Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. in the late 80s and received National Ordination under Bishop I. V. Hilliard of Houston, Tx in 2008. Founder of Ginger London Ministries,Website and Heart To Heart Life Coaching. Ministry prodcts on website at

On-Demand Episodes


This is the first preview show for the virtual conference "Got To Get Myself Together!" 2012. At the beginning of each new year many people make resolution or verbal commitment to "get themselves together." The annual conference is... more

What is the difference between successful people and non-successful people? Are successful people more intelligent or do they just have better opportunities than non-successful people? There is a difference between successful... more

Time management is one of the least-mastered and most-desired skills in out fast-paced modern world. Time management truly is critical to becoming successful, doing everything you want to, and achieving ultimate success and... more

Essential "How Tos". A week long of "how tos" to help you in the areas of life, success, and spiritual growth as we are approaching the end of this year. These "how to" are strategies to help you to finish strong and to encourage you to not... more

This is part 6 of the "Getting Ready For The Right Relationship" Series for Single Adults. The most important decision that affects the happiness of a person in personal relationships is finding the right partner for life and at the right time. The... more

This is part 5 of the "Getting Ready For The Right Relationship" Series for Single Adults. There are some relationships that are doomed from the very beginning. Some of these are: you care more about your partner than he/she does about... more

This is part 4 of the "Getting Ready For The Right Relationship" Series for Single Adults. The hurt, heartache, and disappointment you experienced in love could be avoided if you paid more attention at the beginning of the relationship. Some of... more

This is part 3 of the "Getting Ready For The Right Relationship" Series for Single Adults. Do you feel that all of your relationships are perpetually going down hill - even though it is not your fault? You should stop to think whether you are... more

This is part 2 of the "Getting Ready For The Right Realtionship" Series for Single Adults. Have you ever wanted a responsible, mature partner, only to end up with an irresponsible, unreliable person who drove you crazy? Have you ever... more

Are you ready for a relationship that will last? Are you ready for the right one? If yes, then you need to get yourself ready for the right relationship. This teaching series is packed with powerful relationship principles to help you choose the... more