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The Ginger London Ministries Show is a talk show discussing the issues of life providing practical answers from the Word of God. An in-depth exploration of biblical truths are expounded upon concerning varies areas of life such as relationships, spiritual growth, and work relations to help believers live holy and victorious lives. Minister Ginger London, MA is an ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a Certified Life Coach in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is assigned to "perfect the saint" with biblical truths expounding upon them as a preacher, teacher, counselor, and Christian life coach. She was called to ministry under Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. in the late 80s and received National Ordination under Bishop I. V. Hilliard of Houston, Tx in 2008. Founder of Ginger London Ministries,Website and Heart To Heart Life Coaching. Ministry prodcts on website at

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Welcome to the Got To Get Myself Together 2014 Summer Teleconference. This is the kick-off Show for the "22 Days of Maximizing Ministry, Business, and Life." The first step in building a successfull ministy, business, or personal life... more

The Making of a Spiritual Diamond shows #3 and #4 - Cleaving The Diamond. This is the third show of the series comparing a natural stone's cutting process to the cutting process of Christian maturity. In the cutting process the gem cutter... more

The Making of a Spiritual Diamond show #2 - "Rough and Uncut." This is the second show of the series comparing a natural stone's cutting process to the cutting process of Christian maturity. Once the natural stone has been found,... more

Today is all about The Nature of Diamonds…Understanding The Nature You Have Been Living By Spiritually. Have you ever seen a picture of a diamond in the rough? It's the stone before it becomes the beautiful diamond gem we see in... more

Celebrating Women - Created for Greatness! Recognizing National Women's History Month and women doing great things for their families, communities, churches, careers, and businesses. Special guest tonight is Prophetess Shareta... more

The wounds inflicted by an "unsafe" person can go deep. Intimacy with one wrong person can destroy you forever. When God wants to bless you, He puts a person in your life, when satan wants to destroy you,he puts a person in your life.... more

Got To Get Myself Together Shows 7 and 8. "No More Excuses" Excuses will rob you from what God has prepared for you! If you will be a diligent person who overcomes everything in life, you must eliminate all excuses! Excuses rob... more

Got To Get Myself Together Series #s 5 & 6. "Stop Making Useless Comparisons" Comparing youself to others is probably natural, especially these days. You are bombarded in life and in the media with people who have more wealth, better... more

Got To Get Myself Together! Series Show #5. "Overcoming Self-Sabotage" Self sabotage occurs when people consistently think of themselves as not being able to succeed to such an extent that they develop an identity which causes... more

Got To Get Myself Together Radio Series Shows 3 & 4. "The Power of Focus" Imagine you're happily driving down a country road on a clear, sunny day. Suddenly a semi truck crosses the center line and is heading right at you. Heart... more