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Tonight on NMEMINDZ Radio - Gentrification and it's role in displacing our communities. What happened to our people after Hurricane Katrina, was that gentrification, even if it was a natural disaster? Also, can Brooklyn, Oakland, Detroit and other majority Black cities be gentrified if we don't own anything? If we don't own the residence where we lay our heads? What steps can we take to stop the bleeding and breakdown of Black communities and build strong Black owned infrastructure? The ca/ll in # is 347-633-9644. 8pm EST / 5pm PST. Peace.

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Is Black Love Dead? Who or What Killed It? Where is the Love? What is Black Love to you? We are going to speak on that this evening. Join us. Family is the first line of defense for the community. Without children, there is no... more

Join NMEmindz Tonight as we open the MIC and give you the floor for our "Hot Toipics" session. Join Professor Griff and ZaZa Ali as we discuss whatever is on your mind and the HOt topics of the day. Tonight at 8pm est / 5 pst... more

Battle of the Sexes: Plate Fixin' and Commitment. This evening we will discuss the age old question: Do you fix your man's plate at various gatherings? What's the deal with commitment? Are you single until you get married? Let's talk... more

Tonight on NMEMINDZ Radio - We welcome Dr. Frances Cress Welsing as our guest, speaking on her book "The Isis Papers" as well as our upcoming event - The Divine Goddess Principle - this Saturday, May 23rd in Atlanta. The call in... more

Tonight on NMEMINDZ Radio - We'll be prepping for the Divine Goddess Principle event this Saturday, May 23rd in Atlanta - By sitting at the feet of some of our most powerful sisters. Tynetta Muhammad, Joy DeGruy, Ameena... more

This evening we are discussing the Black Family and the importance of being responsible with ourselves, our families, especially our children. Black women in the US die from complications during and after childbirth at a rate 4 times... more

Tonight on NMEMINDZ Radio... The real Freeway Ricky Ross, joins Professor Griff and ZaZa Ali to discuss the CIA infiltrating the Black community with Crack Cocaine. We'll also discuss his new book... "Freeway Rick Ross, the Untold... more

Join us tonight as we discuss "Sacred" What is sacred to you? When should we yield to that which we hold as sacred? How should something be handled? What religious and non religious symbols are sacred to you? Are all religious symbols... more

The Community requires that we come together. Our survival as a people depends on it. Therefore, we must differentiate between the movement, consciousness and costumes. Regardless of which ideology or doctrine we... more

Join us tonight as we discuss the un-written justice whites in america recieve to escape harsh punishment. The Un-equal sentencing guidelines for blacks as apose to whites. Is the justice system designed to give blacks justice? Tune in... more