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Tonight on NMEMINDZ Radio... What GOD do You believe in? Money? Fame? Jesus? Amen-Ra? Jah? Buddha? Krishna? Allah? The Orishas? The white man? ... All of the above, or just YourSelf? Let's talk. The call in # is... more

Peace! This is a re-broadcast of a previously recorded show. You will not be able to call in live, only listen via internet. - Here is the info for the show - "So many of our listeners ask for a book list - To improve on their knowledge base & grow... more

Please join Professor Griff and ZaZa Ali this Tuesday, March 24th - as we honor one of the brightest minds of our time. Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan was one of the founding fathers of Africana Studies, as well as one of the founding members of... more

Tonight on NMEMINDZ Radio - Child Molestation is silently killing the Black Community. Well this sister (Aleesha B) has started a movement to stop it. ?#‎TellSomebody? was born out her own painful experience, with the hopes... more

Tonight - Part 2! We've been flooded with questions, so let's talk! We'll finish the convo from Thursday, and address the rest... Everything from crystals, to health, to parenting, to relationships, to studying, to trying to survive being sane in... more

Join us tonight as we connect answers with questions.On tonights show we have complied a list of questions the listners have asked over the course of a year and tonight we will connect questions with answers.Tonight on NMEmindz Radio... more

Join us tonight as we discuss "The Institutions of Racsim part 2" Who and what are they? What are there goals? How does the Secret Global Agenda effect Black people? Are secret societies secret? Do our so-called black leaders do the... more

Join us tonight as we discuss "The Institutions of Racsim" Who are they? What are there goals and how does it effect us a s people? Are secret societies secret? Do our so-called black leaders do the bidding of the Power Elite. Join us at... more

PART TWO - Tonight on NMEMINDZ Radio... Gender Wars... Blurring the lines between Male & Female. Dancing Prancers, really? Empire got you fired up? You drinking cow milk & feeding your baby's powered milk... But can't figure out why... more

Since everybody's talking... Then let's talk about it. Open invitation to Tariq Nasheed, to address the questions he posed on his show last night... Including the 50 times he called ZaZa Ali a fraud. Also, what is it about Black people... more