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Asha Deliverance founded Pacific Domes in 1980 and currently serves as CEO. The proud mother of seven, she has studied with R. Buckminster Fuller and engages with leading technological and spiritual visionaries. Her company, Pacific Domes, is the original manufacturer of geodesic domes, tracing its origins to a dome-building project at the Madre Grande Monastery in Southern California. Deliverance's  company has grown to build dome villages across the world from the peaks of Chile to the Australian outback, in addition to biodomes and greenhouse domes. "I have a fearless nature, so I keep going for bigger and bigger domes," says Deliverance. Pacific Domes has expanded into the event world with 360-degree projections and planetariums. Deliverance loves to cite R. Buckminster Fuller, "The synergy of people working together adds up to more than their combined forces." www, 
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