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Mindfulness insights: love life and it loves you back

  • Broadcast in Psychology



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If nothing changes...nothing changes. When we lack awareness insights into  how our hardwired  behaviours i.e  being judgemental and reactive continues to block intimacy there is felt-sense of "sameness" about every interaction. Life is defined by fear.  A self fulfilling prophecy manifesting victimisation.   

Mindfulness's  two-prong practice: social and emotional intelligence approach optimises parenting, partnering and companionship. 

Over time when practised on a daily basis it is possbile to shift from being a victim into a  heroic individual,  successful  in love and life. 

Driven  by stimuli  (addiction to intensity) results in being  easily triggered into feeling  frustrated angered and hurt,  intellectually, spiritually and emotionally avoidant. Such is the potency of unconscious thinking/feeling behaviours. The brains hardwiring does the firing and is hugely responsive to new brain body/thinking/feeling behaviours.  

Addiction manifests obsessive compulsivity, as felt sense of being  disconnected.  When we approach life from a mature mindfulness stance we personify self acceptance, non-reactivity, non-judgementalism, validation, empathy and compassion.

No longer needing to be reactive, entitled, enraged and oppositional. When we feel good- enough we are emotionally balanced.  We  navigate life with a heightened sense of equipoise, authenticity and awareness.

Mindfulness  combination of social and emotional intelligence  creates a powerbase of potent people (social) skils. Healing primal intrinsic states  of disconnection.

We are hardwired to conect. Mindfulness sweetens all our connections with loving kindndess, empathy and compassion.