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Learn dog training tips from one of the top positive reinforcement dog trainers. Jeff Millman was voted one of the best dog trainers in Chicago. Jeff uses uses only positive reinforcement dog training in his private dog training business as well as his innovative online dog training website and dog training community. Get free puppy training and dog training tips and call in with dog training questions. Listen in today for honest, effective dog training solutions using The Millman Method!

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These puppy issues are some of the more common problems that new puppy guardians have with their puppies. Join Jeff Millman of Watch and Train and call in with questions about these topics.

Did you know it doesn't matter if your dog goes out the front door first? Did you know dogs on the couch are absolutely fine? Dispel the common myths with the help of Jeff Millman, a professional dog trainer from Chicago, IL. Call in with... more

Guilty about your bored dog? Want some ideas on activities to keep him or her occupied? Listen to Jeff Millman of Watch and Train and Chicago Paws give you some ideas for keeping your pooch active and happy. Call in with training... more

All about leash walking tips for you and your dog. Learn loose leash walking, heeling and how to deal with distractions. This is one of the most requested dog training topics. Call in with questions and get free dog training tips.

Did you know all of these annoying dog behaviors are stopped using the same positive reinforcement strategies? Get free dog training tips from one of the top dog trainers and call in with questions of your own.
Millman Method

Problems With Dog Training Complicated Show

  • by Millman Method
Hi Everyone,There were major technical difficulties with today's show. Callers could not hear me, and I got booted off the show and could not login with about 10 minutes left. I will listen to the show and possibly redo it another time.... more

Dog training can be very complex, but my job is to make it easy for my clients. Listen in with some tips to bring complex topics down to earth and see fast results with your dog. Call in with training questions.
Millman Method

Welcome to My Dog Training Show

  • by Millman Method
Thanks so much for listening to my show. If you ever have suggestions about topics, please feel free to send me a message. The best way for you to get instant, free dog training advice is to call in live during the show. My call in... more

Is your dog aggressive? Does he growl at people? Does he growl when you pet him or try to take things away? Has he ever bitten or snapped at someone? Learn how to rehabilitate your dog before it is too late. Call in with questions.
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