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An audio family support group for veterans, active duty, and their families.

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Military Mamas Show aired in Cincinnati, Ohio on live talk radio from 2008 to December 2013. They made the decision to transition to internet radio beginning January 2014,so that the host could broadcast from any where in the world and reach a broader listener base. They are looking forward to being a part of the Blogtalk community!
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On-Demand Episodes

Special co-host Shariff Abdrabbo joins Carrie in the studio to talk about Common Core, Israel, and much more!

We disucss the trend in America to supress freedom of press. We will talk about the escalating border issues. And discuss the difficulty in getting reliable information to become an informed voter.

How did we get here and where are we going in this country? There have been some interesting victories for the Constitution over the last week, but also some warning signs about where we are headed.

We will discuss the latest debaucheries of waste by our federal government, as well as breaking news on the Supreme Court ruling Barack Obama made some unconstitutional moves!

The president who ran on the platform of closing Gitmo and ending "senseless" wars is sending more troops into harms way....deploying many on Father's Day. But no worries, families, he says he is just sending them as "observers". This... more

We have a guest caller joining us tonight to discuss Common Core. Carrie will give her evaluation of the Constitutional Bootcamp she attended. And as always updates on military and world news!

We don't want to talk about this, but how do you not address it when you are military talk show? People are looking to us for answers. I don't know if we will have them for you or if we will just confuse you with some of the... more

The Military Mamas Show will explore the VA Scandals and how this subpar medical care is what "We the People" can expect under Obamacare.

We discuss the most recent primaries and how ever candidate elected was endorsed by the media. It seems Americans are no longer using their brains to seek out their own information. This is a dangerous trend that could mean the... more

David Martin is running for state representative in the 66th district in Kentucky. He is stopping by to say hello and some other candidates might make a surprise appearance too!