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    Psychologist Dr. Bill Wells & Road to Recovery

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    Forms of therapy and other valuable PTSD information. Dr. Wells is a top psychologist in South Carolina that is very well versed with PTSD. Jason Young a 11 year veteran of the Navy who was almost killed and is running the LA Marathon on behalf of OFW. Tune in for all the details.

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    Ret. Army Lt. Col. Bob Barrows and Brian Howell, Mktg Dir. for www.USCAV.com

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    Introductory debut program featuring new host, retired Army Lt. Col. Robert Barrows who began his military career in Vietnam as a chopper pilot. Purple Hearted Heroes, Warren Michaels composer. Guest is: Brian Howell, Marketing Director for www.USCav.com, a Radcliff, Kentucky based Military Supplier: 1-800-777-7172

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    Making friends in the Defence industry: Partnering and Alliances 2010

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    Dr. Robin Singleton, a veteran business consultant within the Defence and Aerospace industry, with companies from Raytheon to Rolls-Royce on his resumé, discusses collaborative leadership in the Defence industry and how to mitigate the risks. He will be speaking on Conference Day One of Defence Partnering and Alliances 2010, Nov 29th - Dec 1st, London.

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    Border Security with Richard Chavez

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    Richard Chavez, Acting Director for Operations Coordination and Planning at DHS, discusses border security issues and policies.

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    Interview with Vice Admiral Fernando del Pozo of the European Defence Agency

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    In this discussion, we will be addressing maritime surveillance from a broader EU perspective. Included in this will be conversations about integrating EU assets and vision for greater coordination and planning; discussions about legal parameters and data/information sharing that many have outlined as potential stumbling blocks to an EU mission of this scope. Further to this will be a focus on contributions by the 'Wise Pen Team' of senior ranking and retired EU maritime experts. To learn more about maritime surveillance issues, attend our Offshore Patrol Vessels 2010 conference, held on 27-30 September in Cadiz, Spain. As always, visit www.defenceiq.com to learn about global defence news.

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    How our Nation can contribute to the healing and homecoming of our Military troo...

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    During our Radio Show on Wednesday on June 30th at 4:00PM Pacific Time, Dr. ED Tick, Founder and Kate Dahlstedt, Co-Director of Soldier's Heart will share (a)How PTSD is essentially a spiritual, moral and social wound; (b) Why there is so little PTSD in Viet Nam in contrast to the US; (c) How other cultures have successfully brought warriors home from war, healed their wounds, and transformed them into elders, guardians and teachers; (d) What the necessary steps of warrior return are
    how healers and communities can achieve these steps in modern America.

    Dr. Edward Tick, author of War and the Soul is a Director and senior psychotherapist of Soldier’s Heart (www.soldiersheart.net); Veteran’s Safe Return Initiatives. He received his master’s in psychology from Goddard College, Vermont and his doctorate in communication from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY. Ed has been in private psychotherapy practice since 1975 and began focusing on veteran’s issues in 1979. His pioneering work with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or, in his words, ‘loss of the soul’, is the basis for his recent book “War and the Soul”.

    Kate Dahlstedt holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology as well as post graduate certification from the Hartford Family Institute. She has been in private practice for over two decades. As a therapist and workshop leader, Kate specializes in grief and loss, trauma, and depression. She is also an adjunct professor at Russell Sage College in Troy, NY and a published writer.

    Radio Show Information

    Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2010
    Time: 4:00PM Pacific Time

    To listen to the show you can:

    Dial the phone in telephone number at (646) 649-0924
    Tune in to our online channel at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Combat-Relief

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    What is Community Relations

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    We'll be talking with Vicki Bowker, Joint Base Langley-Eustis Community Relations Officer, about what the installation does for the local community.

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    Rhia is honored as Dan Murphey & Gary Williams join her tonight

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    A special show as Dan Murphy,father of Michael Murphy,& Gary Williams,author of SEAL of Honor.
    Daniel J. Murphy attended the University of Tennessee at Knoxville for both undergraduate studies and law school and is a Vietnam veteran. He is a recipient of the Purple Heart, Air Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge,Vietnam Service Ribbon, the New York State Conspicuous Service award.He is presently law secretary to State Supreme Court Justice Peter Fox Cohalan and National Judge Advocate for the Military Order of the Purple Heart.
    Gary Williams,author of SEAL of Honor,which honors Dan Murphy's son Michael Murphy.He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management & Leadership with academic honors from Franklin University in 2005 and with a Master's in Public Administration from the University of Dayton in 2007.

    SEAL of Honor:On 28 June 2005,Navy Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy led a four man special reconnaissance SEAL team consisting of Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Danny Dietz, Sonar Technician 2nd Class Matthew Axelson & Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Marcus Luttrell to locate Ahmad Shah, a notorious Taliban leader in the remote Hindu Kush Mountains of eastern Afghanistan. After an initial infiltration to begin Operation Red Wings, local goat herders stumbled upon the team's hiding place. Unable to verify any hostile intent from the herders,Murphy ordered them released. Shortly after the herders left, the team was surrounded by a large force of Taliban fighters. After about an hour & engaged in the most fierce fire fight since World War II and the most fierce in SEAL team history, LT Michael Patrick Murphy, in a last ditch effort to save his men knowingly stepped into the line of fire to obtain reception for his cell phone in order to call for reinforcements. Marcus Luttrell was the lone survivor and gave a detailed briefing to military leaders that resulted in LT Michael Patrick Murphy being awarded this nation's highest military award, the Medal of Honor.

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    PatriotWalkUSA- Walking 5,000 Miles For Military Veterans and their Families

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    Mark Klodzinski is 1,000 Miles Into His 5,000 Mile Walk Across America to Raise Awareness for Military Veterans and their Families. Mark will be live on the air to talk about his journey so far and to answer your questions.

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    Speak Out - family's of Vietnam Veterans part 2

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    Family's - Children and Grandchildren of
    Vietnam Veterans exposed to Agent Orange and other toxins are suffering from various illnesses.
    In this show they are SPEAKING OUT about their illnesses. Their stories, hopefully will shed more light on the subject and encourage more research and funding for this cause.

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    For MEMORIAL DAY,I have the pleasure of past and present soldiers as guests, Tonoa Bond, Axel Meirhoefer.We will be discussing memories, good and bad and how to file them in your brain file cabinet. This will be the last Shot of Cher show for awhile, so I can concentrate on Healthy Shots with Coach Cher, Thur 5-6pm Pt at http://blogtalkradio.com/coach-cher-till.

    Join Cher, Master Life Coach, as she takes everyday life challenges and gives you fun, creative ways to overcome and have the best week possible! Her effervescent personality and love of life will make Monday the best day of the week. Mission: Cher's mission is to share her love of life and various fun ways to tackle the days challenges and turn them into triumphs.