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    Meet Jon and Will. Two trouble makers from the whimsical world of professional deception operations here to have fun with today's defense and cyber headlines!
    We are beta testing this bad boy, so no promises on ANYTHING.
    Anyway, we'll talk about the latest legal hacking of hundreds of thousands of innocent users by Crowdstrike in a hackback operation, the state of Wikileaks, and whatever topics you all want to call in about! 

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    Stew and The Nunn, Episode 47 with Timothy Payne

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    Episode 47 with SSG (ret) Timothy Payne talking about his new book "Chosen", his new company "Chosen Leadership", and his 6 medals he earned at the 2016 Invictus Games. 
    Starting on the July 19th 2016 show, Stew and The Nunn is broadcasted live on the Veteran Radio Syndicate (www.vetrs.com). There is a chat room on there so our listeners, fans, and even guests can continue to text-chat during the live show.
    Be sure to visit www.vetrs.com for live broadcasts or vrs.podomatic.com for archived shows, to setup your stream, and iTunes feed. 
    We will also keep this page up and post archived shows here for those that still want to listen to it on BTR.

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    SALRadio Talks with MG John Thomson live from Afghanistan

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    Sons of the American Legion Radio talks with West Point graduate Major General John Thomson commanding officer of the US First Cavalry Division live from Bogram Airbase in Afghanistan.
    General Thomson hails from Tyler, Texas, earned a Bachelor of Science from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York in 1986 earning a commission as a Second Lieutenant of Field Artillery. His initial assignments included extensive assignments in Germany then accepted an opportunity to serve as a Tactical Officer in back at West Point until 1997. 
    From 1998 to 2003, MG Thomson served in staff positions in the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Hood, Tex, then the 4th Field Artillery at Fort Sill, Oklahoma from 2003 to 2005. Then served on the Joint Staff in the Pentagon, interacting with the U.S. Department of State.
    In May 2007 deployed to Baghdad, Iraq serving with Multi-National Corps in leadership roles thru July 2009, then commanded  the 41st Fires Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, Texas to 2011, then served the 38th Chief of Staff of the Army until March 2013. then to Fort Carson, Colorado from July 2014, with the 4th Infantry Div.
    After another deployment, he most recently served as the 75th Commandant of Cadets at the U.S. Military Academy from August 2014 to December 2015. 
    Sons of the American Legion Radio #SALRadio is based at Squadron 135, White Plains, NY; has been conducting shows about the military, veterans, and college sports since 2007.  See also:
    Twitter: @SonsLegionRadio
    Sons of the American Legion Radio West Point Football Report, Chaplains Hill Arlington National Cemetery, Iona College Basketball Report, Lt. Eugene Evans - LTC Eli Page Howard Award.

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    Gil Torrez Former Special FBI Agent "COME FROM THE SHADOWS TO SPEAK OUT" ?

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    GILBERTO 'GIL' TORREZ         Gil Torrez served more than twenty years as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  After completion of the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia, Gil was assigned and served in the New Orleans and Dallas FBI Field Divisions, as well as the U.S. Embassy in the Republic of Panama as diplomat in the capacity of Legal Attaché.  Gil has experience in a variety of investigations that include Drug matters, Organized Crime, White Collar Crime, Civil Rights, National Security, and Counter-Terrorism investigations.
    After the September 11, 2001 bombing of the World Trade Center, in New York City, Gil was assigned to investigate Counter-Terrorism and National Security matters.  Before retiring, Gil was transferred to the Field Intelligence Group in the Dallas FBI Field Division.  Gil's other duties and assignmentswith the FBI included:  Relief Supervisor; Supervisory Special Agent; FBI Instructor; Crisis (Hostage) Negotiator; and Public Speaking.  Gil taught Crisis Negotiation and Crisis Management, to police officers, federal officers, and military personnel in the U.S. and throughout Central and South America as well as the Caribbean.
    Prior to the FBI, Gil served in the U.S. Air Force (USAF), assigned to the 1st Special Operations Wing as a gunner and instructor on an AC-130 Gunships.  Gil served in Southeast Asia and saw combat during the Viet Nam war.  Sergeant Torrez was honorably discharged and then attended Southwest Texas State University and received a Bachelor of Science degree.
     Gil and his wife Katherine, who's a former police chief are big proponents of children education. 

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    Bridging the Gap with Doc and BG, guest host Deep Survival.

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    On tonights show we will talk about currents events as in what happend in Brussels today, politics, and we will also be talking about how muslims are raising children to be suicide bombers,  thoughts on mandatory service here in America. We will also be giving away a free bug out military decal to the caller Who has the funniest basic training/Boot Camp story. Tune in by clicking the link or call at 7 EST 215-383-3864,  share the post and invite your friends. We look forward to hearing from you. Make sure to go like the podcast page to find future shows. https://www.facebook.com/Bug-out-Military-Bridging-the-Gap-Podcast-1647157752208036/?ref=ts&fref=ts

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    Camp Corral

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    Veterans helping the local community and giving support to military family's and children
    Dav helping send a military child to summer camp,
    Every $600 raised through the fund raising sends a military child to camp corral
    Disabled Veterans at Golden Corral

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    Women Veterans Speak

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    Ruth Moore Act HR 671: The bill would allow a statement by a survivor of military sexual trauma to be considered sufficient proof that an assault occurred. The House approved the bill by voice vote Monday night. Cathy Santos contacted the office of Congresswoman Pingree and shared the following comments as being the only victim of sexual assaults to fight the government and win while service with a 15-6 Pentagon Investigation.
    I was concerned about the language here that appears to give sexual assault victims way too much power over their authority. These subordinates while serving, in my interpretation will be able to provide a statement - now, in my experience of 22 years, I know that their are a great deal of women who have been denied the opportunity to tell their stories and to get the remedy they deservied; however, I also believe that the national security is being compromised by the command's ability to lead without these restrictions placed on them by advocates in the civilians world.
    How is it possible to lead a command in combat with thiese type who have no real training for war because of the restricitions placed on their leaders.
    Sexual assault victims and sexual harassment is a complicated matter and victims die, are murdered in combat. There are no protections for these victims when in combat or other remote environments and the power to use "rape" over their superiors is not to be taken lightly.
    Civilians can not protect victims of rape on active duty, it will get worst for them, and no civilian can protect those who are given the power to provide a "statement" that becomes the only evidence required when false accusations are made, and reputations and careers are ruined - this is a poorly worded legislation and the military is not moving forward as a result. I will be following up.

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    Introduction to Atomic Cleanup Veterans

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    The 1977 - 1980 Enewetak Atoll Atomic Cleanup Mission was a classified military mission until 1996.
    That is when the U.S. Government de-classified many of the documents hidden away in storage.
    We feel our first hand stories must be told as well.
    Three members of the Enewetak Atoll Atomic Cleanup Mission found each other on Facebook in 2012.
    Gary Pulis asked Richard Masculine and Frank Bolton if they would be interested in creating a private Facebook Group where we could share info about our mission and hopefully allow other Atomic Cleanup Veterans to join us as well.
    As a result, we've found about 500 of our guys and are continuing to grow.
    We are finding more of the 8,033 participants almost every week.

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    The Schooner Pursuit Pirates of the Revoltion

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    We talk with the Capt of The Schooner Pursuit on this great projrect of rebuilding this Ship saving her from a fate no Ship should face.
    We talk with the Capt on The Ship plans to refloat her and once that is done what can we expect!

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    Gratitude for the Spring of Love, Truth, Peace, and Freedom

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    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/moorishcongress Guest Call In Number: 213-943-3393  (ThursDey and MonDey 5pm PacificStandard Time) or (8pm Eastern Standard Time)  ((((((Moorish Congress )))))) serving up liability to these uncivilized corporate box mercenaries and public servant. Dealing withtheir "no". Staying prepared with solutions for the colonization. Divorcing your self from the human trafficking"!!! Or just come kick it with us for a minute and remember the ancient principles, and share your works!! Consaguine, National/family constellations, consul spiral rising!  NAACP v. Button (371 U.S. 415); United Mineworkers of America v. Gibbs (383 U.S. 715); and Johnson v. Avery 89 S. Ct. 747 (1969). Members of groups who are competent non-lawyers can assist other members of the group achieve the goals of the group in court without being charged with "Unauthorized practice of law." Brotherhood of Trainmen v. Virginia ex rel. Virginia State Bar (377 U.S. 1); Gideon v. Wainwright 372 U.S. 335; Argersinger v. Hamlin, Sheriff 407 U.S. 425. Litigants may be assisted by unlicensed layman during judicial proceedings. Email: MoorishCongress@gmail.com All Rights Reserved UCC 1-308

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    Veterans Appeals Process

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    Heather Weber, The Veteran Crusader. Disabled veteran from Desert Storm. As a veteran where it took her 17 years to get her service connected disability, she wants to help all veterans and incumbent veterans receive their benefits in a more timely manner. In this podcast she will go over the current VA appeals process. She will also discuss other issues that may come up. Please call in at (760) 888-5820 to ask ANY questions or to give your advice and/or opinion.