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    The Veteran's Wife New Years Resolutions and Revelations listen and call in

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    Come Talk with the Veteran's Wife about all things to come in the New Year~

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    Section 8 Power Hour with the usual suspects

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    Join me, Eric Kirsch and Landon Steele as we set the world on fire

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    Happy Thanksgiving

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    It is Thanksgiving and we just want to say thanks to all of you

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    A Veteran's life -beyond your service

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    if you served our nation as a veteran you probably have questions on what to do with your life and how you could be best serving our country still. join me today in my first show on this subject veterans life after service.

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    Women Veterans Speak

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    Ruth Moore Act HR 671: The bill would allow a statement by a survivor of military sexual trauma to be considered sufficient proof that an assault occurred. The House approved the bill by voice vote Monday night. Cathy Santos contacted the office of Congresswoman Pingree and shared the following comments as being the only victim of sexual assaults to fight the government and win while service with a 15-6 Pentagon Investigation.
    I was concerned about the language here that appears to give sexual assault victims way too much power over their authority. These subordinates while serving, in my interpretation will be able to provide a statement - now, in my experience of 22 years, I know that their are a great deal of women who have been denied the opportunity to tell their stories and to get the remedy they deservied; however, I also believe that the national security is being compromised by the command's ability to lead without these restrictions placed on them by advocates in the civilians world.
    How is it possible to lead a command in combat with thiese type who have no real training for war because of the restricitions placed on their leaders.
    Sexual assault victims and sexual harassment is a complicated matter and victims die, are murdered in combat. There are no protections for these victims when in combat or other remote environments and the power to use "rape" over their superiors is not to be taken lightly.
    Civilians can not protect victims of rape on active duty, it will get worst for them, and no civilian can protect those who are given the power to provide a "statement" that becomes the only evidence required when false accusations are made, and reputations and careers are ruined - this is a poorly worded legislation and the military is not moving forward as a result. I will be following up.

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    GEO Huntsville & NGA

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    We will be joined by Tommy Battle, mayor of Huntsville, Alabama, and Ray Bauer, information technology innovation lead at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. They will discuss GEO Huntsville, a collaborative nonprofit organization engaged in geospatial technology applications in the Huntsville, Alabama, area. 

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    Memorial Day Tributes

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    If you would like to pay tribute to a member of your family or a friend that served in the military and is now deceased, you are welcome to call in to the show and express your feelings, your memories and your respect. This will not be a talk show, In fact there will be little actually heard until someone calls in to make a tribute. Let's remember what Memorial Day is about. Honoring our war heroes who have made the ulitimate sacrifice and all other veterans that have defended our constitution.

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    Katherine Bone our first Guest! We talk writting and Pirates!

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    Welcome good ship mates as we have Katherine Bone on to talk writting and Pirates!
    I met Ms Bone durning a Twitter event durning Black Sails and knew I needed to have her on a Podcast!
    This will be so much fun!

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    Government Over-Reach or Government Under-Reach

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    It seems the rights the government takes from us....everything from the TSA touching our No No Squares to limiting the most popular hunting ammo....really do nothing to increase our safety.
    Yet, the really important things towards protecting our safety like closing the border and keeping helicopters from landing on the White House lawn seem to be impossible for the government to manage.
    What game are the planning? How long will America tolerate it? And what should we really be afraid of?

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    Live from Viva Las Vegas! Talking to Female Vets of Pinups For Patriots

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    Started in 2010, Pinups for Patriots was founded by Kalen Arreola to raise funds for military charities. This year, they will file for nonprofit status and adjust our fundraising goals. 
    Mission: To bring back the patriotism of the WWII era while supporting our military veterans and their communities. ? Vision: To be recognized nationwide as the largest group within the pin-up community supporting our service members and first responders. ? We are a female veteran-owned small business, with the first calendar published in 2010 and more than 500 calendars sent overseas to deployed service men and women since then.
    We generate revenue through sponsorships, events, product sales and memberships. We will begin offering grants to non-profits starting in 2015. In the meantime, we will continue to donate to non-profit organizations that we partner with during our events.
    The women in our chapters are business owners, service members, veterans, military spouses, medical professionals and more… they are the REAL LIFE “Rosie the Riveters” of today, and they are beyond passionate about the veterans we support. Our sponsors must share the same love of veterans and pin-up as we do.

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    Ranger Veteran Larry Moores and the Gary Gordon Medal of Honor Memorial

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    Larry Moores is a 3rd Ranger Battalion veteran of the Battle of Mogadishu "Blackhawk Down".  He speaks about Gary Gordon and the memorial project.
    Our Mission is simple. We are keeping the story and legacy of MSG Gary Gordon alive. This task will be accomplished by the construction and display of 6' tall Bronze statue of MSG Gordon in the veterans park, Lincoln Maine. The Statue will stand on a mount displaying the names and units of all the men who haves the ultimate sacrifice during operation Gothic Serpent.  https://www.facebook.com/GaryGordonMemorial
    GallantFew, Inc. is a 501(c)3 dedicated to reducing veteran unemployment, homelessness and preventing the next veteran suicide.  www.gallantfew.org