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    Stew and The Nunn, Episode 40 with USS Arizona survivor Lauren Bruner

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    We here at Stew and The Nunn are honored and flattered to have the oldest living and one of the six remaining survivors from the USS Arizona cew, as a guest on our show; Mr. Lauren Bruner. He is 95 years young and is in good health. He lives in La Marida Calif. where he has lived in the same home for 50 years. He lives alone and takes care of himself.
    Along with Lauren Bruner, will be Ed McGrath and Mark Comon.
    Out of the 1512 crewmembers of USS Arizona less than 100 of the 325 survivors were aboard ship the morning of the attack on Pearl Harbor. According to military historians Lauren was the Second to the Last to Leave USS Arizona, which is also the title of his upcoming Historical Novel, which will be released this summer.
    Lauren and Ed have co-founded the Lauren F. Bruner USS Arizona Memorial Foundation, which is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation that was established in 2015. Mark Comon who will also call in on Tuesday is one of the foundations Board Members and as well Lauren’s friend and Chief Photographer.
    The Mission Statements of Lauren’s Foundation is to honor the crew of USS Arizona for all time and for all future generations; To aid the National Park Service in specific projects that need attention that only pertain to the USS Arizona Memorial; and to aid Military families both in and out of Hawaii who may need a helping hand.
    Lauren Bruner’s Dream Gift to America is close to his heart as it involves the researching of each and every Arizona Crewmembers personal histories written into a biography and then married to a portrait of each of the 1512 crew members which when completed will be offered to the National Park Service at Pearl Harbor. This will allow an opportunity to share with those that visit Pearl Harbor what each crew member actually looked like on 12.7.41 in the uniform of the day. 

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    PTSD Chat with Dr. Bridget Cantrell

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    PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) impacts our service members returning from combat zones. In this monthly, 60-minute radio show, Dr. Cantrell will take your call and answer your questions on PTSD as it relates to you or a family member who may be suffering from PTSD. We encourage families and military personnel from all branches of the service from all eras to listen and participate.

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    VA Caregiver Program - What You Need to Know

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    Family of a Vet is excited to bring you the latest news about the VA Caregiver Program.  This roundtable discussion will include families who are already participating as well as the straightforward facts you need to know about whether or not you qualify and how to apply if you do. 
    We will be speaking with people from the VA Caregiver program on all sides.  From administrators who process your paperwork to women who have gone through the process already, we will have a broad range of people available to answer your questions and explain the program.
    Join us July 19, 2011 at 7:30 Eastern to discuss this hot topic and see if your family qualifies for help through this new program with the VA.

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    Dr. Anthony Hassan, Director of Cohen Veterans Network, joins host Jim Fausone

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    Dr. Anthony Hassan, discusses the Cohen Veterans Network Mission and funding. Cohen Veterans Network is a privately funded organization that will open 25 mental health clinics for veterans and family members. All 25 locations will offer their services free of charge.

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    MMSRS 67 - Open Mic Friday - Anything goes!

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    Join host Dave Etter, co-host Jay Ha'o, and guests Susan Reynolds, Sean O'Driscoll and MJ Boise for a special open-mic edition of the Male Military Spouse Radio Show! We will talk about what YOU want to talk about... maybe the surprise death of music legend Prince... maybe Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday... maybe the Olympic torch run that started Thursday... maybe TRICARE.... you decide!
    Show Links:

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    Veterans talk-4VeteransByVeterans-Round Table Discussion

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    Round table discussion to openly discuss current events that directly effect Veterans. Please join in and let your voice be heard!

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    A.G Lyonz Live

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    Join us this week as we welcome R&B/Reggae/Hip Hop music singer songwriter, A.G Lyonz. Miami native Andy Gonzalez, better known by his fans as A.G Lyonz, is a very energetic Singer/Songwriter, who is inspired by the world and spreading consciousness and goodness through his music. A.G Lyonz is an independent artist, completely driven and fueled by his love of music. He has performed in many premiere venues across the country and has been blessed with the opportunity to have shared the stage and worked with artists such as Chaka Khan, Dead Prez, Raekwon, Yelawolf, Immortal Technique, Rakim, KRS-One, N.O.R.E, Black Uhuru, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Dizzy Wright, Hopsin and many more. A.G Lyonz has been featured on multiple platforms such as P. Diddy's network Re-Volt TV, MusicMix TV & Comcast. With over 300 shows under his belt in the last 6 years, he has also participated in numerous non profit foundations using his music to raise funds for the cause. A.G Lyonz is a very passionate artist. He has a positive and honest message that can captivate and motivate many people around the world for a movement to infinite love. Music is power! We will talk to A.G about his upcoming schedule, get a behind the scenes look at his music, feature his latest songs, and ask him to share his message for the troops. Please be sure to visit A.G Lyonz at http://www.facebook.com/ag.lyonz and spread the word. Fans are welcome to call in and speak live with A.G during the show (718) 766-4193. If you would like to participate in the live chat during the show, you must sign up on the show site first and then log in during the show. As always we will give shout outs to our deployed military listeners. Be sure to join us, Sunday 2/21/2016 at 4 PM EST! Our message to the troops: WE do what we do, because YOU do what you do.

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    Charles Black Veterans At SeaThe purpose of the “Operation Restore Hope – Retreat” program is to significantly enhance the lives of wounded veterans, their families and caregivers through self-care and peer support. Achieving this purpose ... will also have a direct effect on the communities where these families live, by reducing the high risk of family crisis from mental or physical injuries that in the past has led to domestic violence, divorce or suicide. The Need:The decade-long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been experienced not only on the battlefield, but also back at home with military families in the United States. The ongoing threat of ISIS and the possibility of a new war in Iraq and Syria will only add to the current problems these families have.
    Lance Manning  I am a native Texan and in 1990 I graduated from Southwest High School in Fort Worth, TX. After high school I went to MCRD San Diego, while in the Marine Corps I served as a Heavy Gunner in Weapons Company 3rd Battalion 1st Marines. While I was assigned to 3/1 I took and passed the Indoct for Recon. Upon completion of my deployment with 3/1 I went to 1st Recon Battalion where I served as a Point Man/Navigator in a six-man Recon Team and also as training cadre for Indocts and RIP Classes. I was honorably discharged from the Marines in ’96.After the Marines I got a job working on Commercial and Industrial Boilers and in 2004 one of the boilers I was working on exploded on me and I sustained a TBI and SCI C1-C6. I spent several years in recovery at places like Craig Institute in Colorado, Centre for Neuro Skills in California, several local hospitals and home. During this time I had to learn how to read and understand or comprehend what I just read as well as how to do math again. Not to mention many other life skills old and new that many of us take for granted on a daily basis.

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    Gil Torrez Former Special FBI Agent "COME FROM THE SHADOWS TO SPEAK OUT" ?

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    GILBERTO 'GIL' TORREZ         Gil Torrez served more than twenty years as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  After completion of the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia, Gil was assigned and served in the New Orleans and Dallas FBI Field Divisions, as well as the U.S. Embassy in the Republic of Panama as diplomat in the capacity of Legal Attaché.  Gil has experience in a variety of investigations that include Drug matters, Organized Crime, White Collar Crime, Civil Rights, National Security, and Counter-Terrorism investigations.
    After the September 11, 2001 bombing of the World Trade Center, in New York City, Gil was assigned to investigate Counter-Terrorism and National Security matters.  Before retiring, Gil was transferred to the Field Intelligence Group in the Dallas FBI Field Division.  Gil's other duties and assignmentswith the FBI included:  Relief Supervisor; Supervisory Special Agent; FBI Instructor; Crisis (Hostage) Negotiator; and Public Speaking.  Gil taught Crisis Negotiation and Crisis Management, to police officers, federal officers, and military personnel in the U.S. and throughout Central and South America as well as the Caribbean.
    Prior to the FBI, Gil served in the U.S. Air Force (USAF), assigned to the 1st Special Operations Wing as a gunner and instructor on an AC-130 Gunships.  Gil served in Southeast Asia and saw combat during the Viet Nam war.  Sergeant Torrez was honorably discharged and then attended Southwest Texas State University and received a Bachelor of Science degree.
     Gil and his wife Katherine, who's a former police chief are big proponents of children education. 

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    WTR: Hamp Dews (Mike Force) & Claude Werner (The Tactical Professor)

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    Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn and guest co-host Lance Taylor welcome Hamp Dews and Claude Werner.  
    Claude Werner, The Tactical Professor, served in Airborne, Ranger, Special Forces and Mechanized Infantry units in the US Army, both an enlisted man and an officer. His military assignments include being a SF A-Team Commander, Intelligence Officer, and Mechanized Infantry Company Commander. In his civilian career, he was Research Director of three commercial real estate firms and was the National Director of Real Estate Research for Deloitte & Touche LLP. His blog is www.TacticalProfessor.com
    Hamp Dews was raised in Army family. His father was career officer who served in Infantry ww2, Korea & Vietnam, and as one of original members of 6th SFGA.  Hamp joined Army 1966 as airborne infantry enlistee. After Jump school, was accepted to attend SF selection (with age waiver) and graduated SF training Jan 1968 as SF Medic. He served with 7th, 6th, and 5th SFGA. In 5th Group, he performed duties as Medic and Platoon Leader with Detachment B-55, 5th Mobile Strike Force (Mike Force). Participated in Combat Operations throughout Vietnam. 
    After the war, Hamp was an instructor, Phase 3 Advanced Subject Committee, Training Group. From there, he attended Infantry OCS. Honor Grad; Jan 73.  After commissioning, Hamp served in several Infantry assignments (command & staff) until SF Branch was formed. Returned to Special Ops, serving as Director Training & Exercises, ISA in mid 80's. Retired 88. In 1989 he co-founded Mission Technologies, Inc. then served as co-owner and Senior VP from 1989 to 2011. Holder of three US Patents on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems. Retired (again) 2011.

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    Episode #6 - Fort Bragg & Germany 1965 -1968

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    "Joureny Into A Soldier's Life"
    In this episode CSM John Hess is heading back to Fort Bragg as a Heavy Weapons Instructor. During his time there he changes his job and receives a promotion to E7. Next he's headed to Bad Tolz Germany. You can call in with questions for CSM 914-338-0944 or send an email to csmhessblogtalkradio@gmail.com. If you send in an email we'll address your question in our next episode.
    Those of you following our Blog Talk Radio Show, The first two Episodes are here:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/csmhess Called - Episode 1 - Joining the Army or Navy in 1959 & Episode 2 - Murphy's law We've changed to another link for Episode 3 - CSM Hess as a Recovery Specialist in 1962 and anything going forward to this link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/csmhessspecialforces