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?‘The Amazing Imagination Machine' is insanely creepy fun. Teens and adults will find this frightening, twisted and absolutely riveting. Highly recommended!? —Jonathan Maberry, NY Times Bestselling Author of ?Rot & Ruin? and Netflix's V-Wars Even Nightmares Can Come True... Jake's never been inclined to listen to his mom very seriously, but after breaking her rules causes him to crash the family car, he realizes that maybe he should have just obeyed his mother in the first place. No one's hurt, but with his dad out of town and his mom getting into a serious accident while he's away, sixteen-year-old Jake's life comes to a screaming halt. To make matters worse, the only adult nearby to care for him and his little sister while their dad tries desperately to get home is their Uncle Mark, a horror writer and perhaps the only relative Jake cannot stand. Jake begrudgingly agrees to spend the night at his uncle's house to protect his little sister. Across from his uncle's home is a huge, abandoned toy factory, one that Jake disregards until he sees a creepy doll skulking around on its own. When the doll starts harassing his sister and she chases it to the toy factory, Jake feels he has no choice but to follow after. Once inside, Jake accidentally passes through the Amazing Imagination Machine, bringing his greatest nightmare to life. Jake is forced to find a way to stop his own creation and all the monsters spawned from the machine before they can kill him, discovering some dark secrets that have been hidden in his family tree along the way.
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Juan Torres, known as The Ghost Warrior, talks about his life as a six-time world champion Martial Artist and his book Memoirs of a Modern Day Gladiator.

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I love writing its great to create people and worlds. It's also a great emotional vent for me. I mostly enjoy writing fantasy and horror. I live with my wife and four kids in Knoxville Tennessee and look forward to getting out in the woods and to... more

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