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Real Talk with Mike and Tish

Real Talk with Mike & Tish


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The focus of the show is to provide our listeners with the opportunity to share their thoughts on societal issues such as education, finances, relationships, and politics.

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Do you think people are abusing Gov't assistance or do you think people are using it for the greater good? Also, how can someone move from utilizing Gov't Assistance to becoming a working class citizen? We are going to ask this... more

Why is that that black teenage boys are dropping out of high school? Are we doing enough to reach our young black males to inspire them to stay in school? We are going to ask these questions and more so join the hottest internet talk... more

Real Talk with Mike & Tish presents Episode #26 ?Crabs in a Barrel Mentality, Why do some people hate on each other?? We are going to talk about the hate and animosity that some people have for each other. Also, we are going talk... more

Extramarital Affairs ?Why Is It That Some Married People Cheat?. Do people cheat because they are bored or because they are not happy? We plan to ask questions centered on this topic and allow our callers to share their insight.......

We are going to talk about Friendships, Friends with Benefits, and Best Friends Forever. Also, we will define the different kinds of friendships and how differ. We understand that people are interested in talking about the growing trend... more

We are going to discuss parents who fail to provide education while at home to their kids; teachers who don't take teaching serious and others various issues amongst the educational system and the parents. Educators and parents here is... more

Yes this going to be a hot show!! Don't miss it… We will be shedding light on ghetto behaviors & things that people demonstrate on daily basis. Please join us for an evening full of laughter as we humor ourselves with this discussion.

In today's society, so many of our juveniles are faced with serious jail time and criminal charges that ruin their reputations for life. It is our responsibility to teach and protect our children. Ignorance is bliss, if we do not discus and teach... more

During this week's discussion, we will discuss men who are in relationships with women, but prefer men on the side. Ladies here's your opportunity to discuss your biggest fear. Man I cannot wait to see what the people have to say…

Raising kids as a single parent is a difficult task in today's society. Because of this growing issue, kids are said to be more involved in negativity, experiencing failing grades, and disobedient to their one parent. We are looking forward to... more