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Tonight's show will be all about the raping of America's family values and what the hell happened to the working class, who used to be Democratic but now apparently all like big, fat, Republican dicks in their butts. Joe the plumber turned... more

Tonight we'll get down and dirty, nitty and gritty, grimy and slimy, to bring you the latest foofy bullshiz about the world and all its nonsense. We'll be daintily delving into the delightful Dr. Dre and the Sassy Suge Knight's latest drama, wherein... more

On the show this evening, we will start out with Mike telling us about his brush with social media and how it can have consequences in real life. As well as just how deep those consequences can go. we wil poll the gang to see what kinds... more

The thrillingest, chillingest, Mr. Beldingest episode of QIR yet, we are straight up taking aim, no-holds-barred style, at the walking Macy's Day Parade Garfield balloon himself, Tronald J. Dump. He's said some pretty terrible things in the... more

We will be speaking about the history of athletes standing for the anthem in the NFL, the strugles of the dark-skinned peoples with their light-skinned cohorts, too. We will be all up inside Hillary's business and the Third Party debate, and why... more

Tonight we will chatter madly and merrily about some stuff and some things. We will titillatingly and tenaciously talk at length about the death of a 10-year-old girl at the hands of her mother's piece of crap boyfriend and relate our views on... more

On tonight's lyrical, spherical, diabolical Questionable Insmelligence Report, the gang will be falling all over themselves to perform ungodly amounts of fellatio on Mike whie he watches GENERIC SPORTS EVENT on ESPnuts. In between... more

Tonight we are going to blibber blabber about the whole Hillary machine and the monstrosities that it shall unleash upon the world, and the intricacies of making another Clinton Presidency happen. We might talk about the former FOX CEO... more

Tonight's show, we are going to discuss some coping mechanisms in the real world when it comes to the tragedies we see and hear and read about, and we will go over why white folk aways need to say "Me, too!" when other... more

On tonight's show, we will be asking the gang about their most embarrassing stories, along with a related question about the craziest or scariest places they've ever had to drop a deuce. We'll also be discussing some of the racial... more