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I'm your host Mike Henderson. Our focus is around african-american relationships, entertainment, politics and other current events.

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Hey Folks!! We took a short vacation but we're back in the house with another one: You find the perfect person for you, but the haters are a-hatin, how do you deal with that drama? Does the situation get even worse when the haters are... more

Howdy howdy!! Quick question: Do you trust your mate? Do you feel comfortable with them being with members of the opposite sex, or do you think that they may fall victim to others or that they may stray? Join us on the line and in... more

Hello, hello, hello!! So what's worse, too much sex or not enough? Is your mate starving you for sex or chasing you for it? Join us on the line or in the chatroom and let's talk about it!!

Hello, hello, and hello! My friends at Hello Beautiful have posted a couple of list of stereotypes of black men and women...is any of this true? Join us on the line and in the chatroom and let's find out!!

Howdy peoples!! Just taking a bit from a previous show....do Black men have a problem with black women dating outside of their race? Do they think that perhaps the white guy will treat them better than the brothers would? Join us on... more

Good evening people!! Ok ladies, this one's for you: What are the ingredients for a good man? Do you really know one when you see one? Are they really as hard to find as women say they are? Join us on the line or in the chatroom and... more

Hey Peoples! Quick question: what are you in the relationship for, the love for someone, or what you can get out of them? In other words, is the booty more important than the duty? Join us on the line or in the chatroom and lets see for... more

And hello again! Now I really want to know, are white women better for brothers? And if not, why not? Are some brothers looking for a supposed easy woman? Join us on the line or in the chatroom and lets find out!!

Hello...again!! Is it me, or we literally bombarded with reality show after reality show? Is it about those folks trying to share their life's story, or are they simply cashing in? Join us on the line or in the chatroom and let's check it out!!

Hey everybody!! I'm just gonna jump on a few different subjects tonight: Racism, People coming out with everything from infidelity to sexual preferences to why you don't have to worry about ANYBODY harming our President! Join us on the... more