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I'm your host Mike Henderson along with my co-host Anthony Nevels, and as always, our honorary co-host MoBleu! Our focus is around african-american relationships, entertainment, politics and other current events.

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Good evening, well, it's about time that we all face some facts across the board: what's up[ with the police, and more importantly, what's wrong with us!! Join me tonight and let's talk about this , I have a solution for it, believe it or not!!

Hi There, i know that I said that I would only have a show once a week, but something happened earlier today that I just can't shake, so here I go again trying to make sense of the senseless! Tonight, I'm going to touch on a few... more

Hello one and all, after nearly 5 years off the air, Mike Henderson is back on the air with BlogTalkRadio!! Tonight I'll be playing catch-up with pretty much.....everything! From News, Entertainment, what i've been up to all this... more

Hey all, I know I've been away for a minute, but I'm back (I promise)! Ok, is it me, or is the fear of commitment no longer a male thing? Are the LADIES backing up from the dreaded "C" word? Join us on th line or in the chatroom and lets... more

Hey there! Well, turnabout is fair play, so why are so many black women upset with black men? I mean, what's up with that? Join us on the line or in the chatroom and let's find out what's up!!

Hello and hi! Why are so many of our upstanding black men mad as hell at black women? and I mean mad!! Join us on the line or in the chatroom and let's find out!!

Hey folks, this is just a little rant about things that have happened in recent months that make absolutely no sense...join me on the line and in the chatroom and see what I'm talking about!!

Hey,hey,hey!! Welcome to part 2 of our discussion about how to stop an affair before it starts...we'll discuss inappropriate friendships, red flags and them good ol' haters! Join us on the line or in the chatroom, let's talk about it!!

Howdy, howdy, howdy!! Question: is your relationship cheat-proof? You think so? Is the bond between you that strong? Well if not, i have a few ideas that may help stop others from creepin' in! Join me on the line or in the chatroom and let's talk... more

Hey Folks!! We took a short vacation but we're back in the house with another one: You find the perfect person for you, but the haters are a-hatin, how do you deal with that drama? Does the situation get even worse when the haters are... more