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I'm your host Mike Henderson. Along with my co-hosts Vanessah McCarroll & Crystal Senegal, our focus is around relationships, entertainment, politics and other current events that affect and involve African-Americans and the general public.

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Hey Peeps!! Nowadays relationships fall into several categories, and unfortunately, a few have nothing to do with love. So, what category does YOURS fall into? Are you in a loving, committed relationship with someone special,... more

Hey Hey Hey!! It's Roundtable time, and now we have the ladies on board! Join me and my co-hosts Vanessah & Crystal and special guests Actress/Producer Melody Brooke and Model/Actress Daphne Green as we put the ladies through... more

Hey Hey Hey Folks!! Tonight we're having our first Men's Roundtable , and I've encouraged men from all walks of life to join me as we discuss several topics. It's all guys, but not to worry, the Women can chime in as well!! Join me and my... more

Hey hey hey Peoples!! Are you really truly over an ex, and have you ever considered going back to them? Where the circumstances surrounding the breakup not severe enough to totally cancel them out? What are the pros &... more

Hey hey hey Peeps!! A burning question for all the single people out there: Why are you single? Is it because you're waiting, casually dating, or expectations and/or standards haven't been met yet? Join me and my lovely co-hosts Crystal... more

Hey folks!! Question: What are the dating goals of the average Black Male in today's society? Are they truly looking for that one special life partner, or are they in pursuit of the hottest woman in town just to claim bragging rights? Join... more

Good Evening folks! After our last show, we decided to open a dialog with supporters of our 45th President to get a better understanding of why they support him: Why they voted for him, why they like him, and why they continue to stay... more

Hey Hey Hey Peeps!! It's been five years since the Trayvon Martin's death, the tragedy that sparked the Black Lives Matter Movement, but has the situation changed much? Did the call for justice go unheard, or has the turn of recent... more

Hey Hey Hey folks, it's that time of year...Valentine's Day: Flowers, Candy, Romantic interludes..or is there more drama than romance? Is there more strife and chaos than love or tenderness?? Join me and my lovely co-hosts Crystal... more

Hey Hey Hey folks!! Question: Has society embraced and accepted the idea of the man/woman on the side? Is the value system with relationships so eroded that the addition of another person has become a mainstay in our modern... more