The Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Civil Swarming or Gradual Change?

Michaels Round Table Talk

Michaels Round Table Talk

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The mounting global realization of gross manipulation of humanity concerning certain important issues is growing by the day. This is creating an enormous emotional "pressure" that is certainly felt - but not broadcast on main stream media the way it really is. What you are shown is righ out of a hollywood production - patriots waving flags at victorious terror police in the streets - what you feel is engragement - over the blaitant disregard for human value.

How do you respond? Is there more to than this than meets the eye? We think there is - a lot more going on than meets the general public at least. On this show, we want to focus on some of those issues - how they fit together and make a bigger picture.

We find the specifics to be confusing today - clarity can be attained by considering the principles involved and how they affect your past, present and future.

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