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Navy Milbloggers Sal from "CDR Salamander" and EagleOne from "EagleSpeak" discuss leading issues and developments for the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and related national security issues.

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Join Sal from "CDR Salamander" & EagleOne from "EagleSpeak" with their returning guest, author David Sears for the full hour to discuss his latest book, Pacific Air: How Fearless Flyboys, Peerless Aircraft, and Fast Flattops... more

More and more the 21st Century looks to be not the American Century, not the Chinese Century - but a century that will be defined by how China and American grow to see each other from their side of the Pacific from each other from both a... more

There are certain points in a nation's history that define a transition from one era to another. These moments are so clear that you don't realize it in retrospect - you know it the moment it happens. No one argues the fact that everything has... more

Looking back over the archive, this episode from May continues to be one of our most popular, and for good reason. Enjoy. _______________________________________ How do you intellectually... more

From todays operations off Libya tothe closing days of WWII - what are the lessons of using military power to create the effects ashore? For the last 6-months, conflict once again brought the question often forgotten in the quiet... more

Military professionals understand the intelligence requirements of the Tactical, Operational, and Strategic Level. Each level of command has their own set of reconnaissance and surveillance requirements. In the truest sense - data needs... more

When you mention books on naval history, there are but a few authors whose work immediately come to mind, and our guest is one of them. Unquestionably one of the finest writers of naval history of the last half-century; James D.... more

Energy independence and energy security are not just buzzwords. From the car you drive to the food you eat and the heat that makes winters livable and power that makes summers productive to our urban culture; energy and power... more

An encore presentation of our Valentine's Day Eve show on Russia. Join milbloggers Sal from "CDR Salamander" and Eagle One from "EagleSpeak" this Sunday with their guest, Dr. Dmitry Gorenburg, Senior Analyst at CNA and an... more

It's that time of the year. Bring your questions, comments, observations - chat or heck; we'll even take phone calls. Join Navy milbloggers Sal from "CDR Salamander" and Eagle One from "EagleSpeak" for an hour on the top issues... more