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MidnightWalkers now features to great shows each week. Alex aka Midnight Walker will be airing on WEDNESDAYS at 8 PM EST and Laurie Phillips new show Lone Star Legends will air THURSDAYS at 9:30 PM EST

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I've known Scott for several years and we conferred on our activity early on, especially activity around the home. Join us as we discuss his field work, home occurrences and we'll listen to some interesting audio. Thanks for supporting us... more

Johnny researches in the highly active woods of Tennessee. He comes to us with his encounters and audio of these adventures in getting to know the hairy folks. We'll discuss those encounters and what he is planning in a new area. Johnny's... more

Don't miss this show. This show ended up being a very unique discussion on existing evidence and new evidence recently revealed and much more left to review. If you're expecting a repeat of past MK interview...Don't! Great... more

Join us as we welcome Beth Heikenen from Washington and Chuck Prahl from the Bigfoot Tonight Show (airs 9 pm EST on Sundays). We'll be discussing Beth's sasquatch experiences along with Arla and my own experiences that fly in the... more

We will be discussing bigfoot around the world. Are there differences and why? 1. Looks 2. Demeanor 3. Interaction 4. Legend of Past Events Global Bigfoot Names http://www.kithra.com/globalbigfootnames.html

We'll be speaking to Lisa about her relations with the sasquatch group that she encounters out west. Subjects at hand include: 1) Sasquatch character 2) Telepathy 3) Interactions 4) Gifting 5) Would-be threats from other individuals... more

A four-year story of ongoing encounters between the author, Sali Sheppard-Wolford and a group of Bigfoot that played in her yard and thunderously walked by her house in the dead of night. Sali tells her story from a witness's... more

This show was rather exceptional. While we discussed the conference a bit, most of the show was dedicated to interviewing these amazing people and hearing the detailed accounts that they've experienced. Bob Gimlin goes into detail about... more

Toby shares his personal account of one of the longest trackways found in North America. AND THAT'S NOT ALL, listen in as Toby tells us of the incredible events that take place as he and a few others venture into the nearby forest to try... more

Tim "Coonbo" Baker is one that is never short on stories when it comes to this subject. Tim has had our friends on his property and researched in numerous states as well. Tim has been studying this phenomenon nearly all his... more