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MidnightWalkers now features to great shows each week. Alex aka Midnight Walker will be airing on WEDNESDAYS at 8 PM EST and Laurie Phillips new show Lone Star Legends will air THURSDAYS at 9:30 PM EST

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As Lone Star Legends has promised, we are trying to bring you a continuing collection of controversial subjects for your listening pleasure. On April 24th, 2014, we are going to be addressing the UFO phenomenon.We are not alone.... more
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Thom Cantrall ( http://www.ghostsofrubyridge.com/ ) is a fourth generation native of the west. He grew up on stories of Bigfoot and lived his life out of doors where these tales took on a new sense of wonder and immediacy. Don't miss this... more

Tonight Lone Star Legends brings you the bone chilling story of a quiet suburban home in Ohio that is overcome with a demonic force soon after an antique doll is brought home from an estate sale. Members of this home were physically... more

Dr. Matthew Johnson resides in Oregon and is known for his habituation approach in an area that refers to as SOHA. Dr. Johnson has diligently worked in this area to gain the confidence of the clan. In having done so, he has experienced... more

Mike is from a small town named Keatchie in Lousiana, where he grew up hunting with his father. In December 1981, Mike would have a life-changing experience as he was met with a face-to-face sasquatch controntation. From that... more

Debut night for the cast of Lone Star Legends at 9:30 EST/ 8:30 CST. Tonight is Campfire Tales night on Lone Star Legends. Also introducing the hosts, Laurie Phillips, Rhonda Rita and Lauren Smith as they share a few campfire legends of... more

DON'T MISS THIS SHOW! We are thrilled to have Sgt Stanley Milford Jr from the Navajo Nation Rangers joining use. The Navajo Nation occupies much of the famed 4 corners region that is infamous for many paranormal occurences. Sgt... more

Surprise guest joins us tonight with some good accounts and insight on the big boy. Warning this show is for knowers, those who seek to know and those who want to learn in depth info. If you're into Mickey Mouse "I think I am a Scientist"... more

Opening Song by Trappers Cabin "Running Down the Rain" (download on Itunes and support him. GUEST TONIGHT: Mike Johnson of Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies (SIR) will be discussing some his very up close encounters with... more

Tim is back. Bigfoot, the military, military bases, invisibility factor and bigfoot and Tim's encounter up close and personal w 3 angry bigfoot...are just a few things discussed in this 3 hour show. Tim never disappoints. Join us as we welcome... more