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You think you got issues? You ain't seen nothin' yet! Tune in as Dobber and Bigg address everything from Politics and gas prices, to ugly people and local idiots! Dobber and Bigg are not afraid to say what's on their minds... or what's on yours! Call in and give your input, and listen in as Dobber and Bigg output whatever might come to mind! Warning: Explicit language and content, listener discretion is ADVISED! Have a dedication to someone? A Request? Want us to call someone for you? E-mail us at Midnight.Mess@hotmail.com, or contact us here on myspace.

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After a two and a half week hiatus, what do Bigg and Dobber have to bitch about tonight? Tune in and find out!

Bigg and Dobber are at it again. Religious Hypocrits, Why America is Fat, Teen/Gay Marriages, Favorite types of lube AND Dobber's conspiracy theory!

Tonights Topics: Cougaring STD of the Week Piracy Redux Hot Jail bait Gas Guzzling Bitches "BLING" Female Facial hair

Bigg and Dobber talk about BS Job Offers, The "State of the Union" and So Much More! Tune in and laugh your butts off tonight @ Midnight Eastern!

This show was allll jacked up. Dr Dom had car troubles and got in late, Seven guest co host, Someone accused Dobber of fake picture (Jealousy much?) and Dobber SNAPPED! Check it out as your jaw drops when Dobber insults all... more

Reverend 7 is still around, he and Dobber go on the air tonight to discuss spousal and Child Support, Coworker personalities, The new Rambo, Dobber says goodbye to an old friend "Caz" and much more!

Battle of the Uhh Uhh's Part 2! (Masturbation Wars) was shut down by the BCC so we stick with the TIE! Also, Reverend Seven was a No Show and Bigg announced during the Goodbye Bigg Segment that HE is still on Wednesdays... more

Rachel and Tina battle it our in MASTURBATION WARS! Reverend Seven Rants Bigg and Dobber are going to go NUTS tonight!

After the VERY First show away from their old company being Plagued with Technical Difficulties, NOW they're REALLY pissed! This show set up Monday nights masturbation contest between Tina and Rachel. Tune in Monday to... more