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From the great High Plains of West Texas.... From high atop the Llano Estacado, where the buffalo still roam... Riding in on a white horse -- who's looking out for YOU America? Is it Marge, the bookkeeper? NO. Is it Phil, the used car salesman? NO. Or is it Penry, the mild mannered janitor? NO. It's the Midnight Marauder. The truth broker, the Wizard of Rhetoric, the Ayatollah of Rock-n Roll-a... From time. From Space. From Fate's Wide Wheel -- this, is the Midnight Marauder!

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Marauder Show

Embattled evol health insurance providers mum on criticism? There's a reason...

  • by Marauder Show
The demagoguery, exaggeration, embellishing and in some cases outright lying, and also fair criticism about health insurance providers continues unabated. And yet, you seldom if ever see any of them attempting to defend themselves. Well... more
Marauder Show

Efficiency and efficacy: The $1,300 Mission to Fell ACORN

  • by Marauder Show
Friday, September 18, 2009 7:58:23 AM Little article here in the Washington Times The $1,300 Mission to Fell ACORN Duo in Sting Video Say Their Effort Was Independent The proposition was outrageous, outlandish, and right... more

First Midnight Marauder Show in five months goes into the toilet really fast, as Steve Parry from The Axis of Stevil show calls in, and gets an earful from a "bent" Marauder! (Pre-recorded, no call-ins.)

LIVE Midnight Marauder Show with members of the Sean Hannity message board at their New Orleans meet-up. Impromptu interviews, karaoke singing and just general yuk-yuk on this special show.

In a short, LIVE, Midnight Marauder Show, Midnight rips the "stimulus" bill, the one he calls "The Command and Control Act of 2009."

Gonna play some off-beat Christmas songs hopefully alot of stuff you never heard/don't have.

Here's a "Best of Marauder" episode with clips from past shows, past pranks and new stuff from Midnight Marauder and Bob Phillips in this one-hour prerecorded Midnight Marauder Show.

Bits and pieces.

Midnight as "Red Neckerson" calls the New York Times for a "perscription" in this excerpt from the Midnight Marauder Show. Lots of laughs -- and truths.

Putting all the pieces of the Obama puzzle together.... Another look at deciphering people's real intent from their actions, and a special guest, all LIVE on this two-hour edition of the Midnight Marauder Show.
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