"Submitted" points is outdated...just ignore that per Heather in VP support.
Active points is all that counts.
My account was missing my 59.99 account-3 pts, and my wife's 300 min
acct-1 cp. Heather is going to correct.
So check your customer points on your website and call VP support if not
adding up.
Comp plan and points listed below................

Earn 1% to 10% on your personal customer revenue when you reach the required billing targets.
 You will always earn 1% on your personal customers when you are an active Manager or above
 and have 10 active Personal Customer Points (PCP)
Note: A personal customer is someone who orders a service directly from YOU, not someone
 in your organization. Your down line reps and their customers points DO NOT count as yours.

Override 8 Compressed Levels Commissions:
• Earn 1% to 4% on 8 compressed levels of customers in your organization. You must be a Senior
 Manager or above with 10 active PCPs to receive residual on your compressed levels.
 10 active PCPs = 1%
 SM or above with 15 active PCPs and $1,000 in monthly CABs = 2%
 SM or above with 20 active PCPs and $2,500 in monthly CABs = 3%
 SM or above with 20 active PCPs and $4,000 in monthly CABs = 4%

Vice President Position:
• Personally sponsor 8 total Representatives, have a total of 75 Representatives on your
 entire team and have 10 active customer points

Customer Points

1. Lightyear Wireless
No Contract $59.99 Plan = 3 CPs
• MiFi Broadband Internet Service = 3 CPs
• No Contract 700 talk & 700 text $34.99=2CPs
• Other No Contract Plans = 1 CP
Postpaid Individual Plans = 1 CP
• Postpaid Family Plan = 2 CPs
• Postpaid Data Plan = 2 CPs
2. Lightyear Virtual VoIP Calling Card
• $24.99 Monthly Card = 2 CPs
• $49.99 Monthly Card = 3 CPs
• $74.99 Monthly Card = 4 CPs
• $99.99 Monthly Card = 5 CPs
• Each 5 Pack of $5 Giveaway Cards = 1 CP
3. Online Wireless Store = 3 CPs
Lightyear Wireless Compensation Plan
April 28th 2010 Page15
Section Twelve: Customer Points
4. Each 25 Pack of Extraordinaire Magazines Monthly Auto Ship = 3 CPs
5. Each 5 Pack of $10 Wireless Credits = 1 CPs
6. Lightyear XSTREAM VoIP
• Customer Points Per Line ($24.99 Residential & Annual Plans)
2 Customer Points Per Line (Business)
7. Lightyear Local Phone Service = 2 CPs
8. Lightyear Long Distance Service = 1 CP
9. Each 12 Pack of Lightyear XSTREAM Energy Drink = 1 CP
10. LightMail Conference Calling = 3 CPs
11.Benefit Products (Home Alarm, Broadband Internet, Cable Television, Dish Network, DirecTV) = 1 CP each

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