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Michael Kintner

Wake Up America with Michael Kintner


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We'll talk about the gov't, current events, news, politics, religion, sports, sex, adult humor, pooping and counseling for those who so desperately need it

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Are you pissed off about the NSA spying? Aer sick of this muslim president and his muslim brotherhood taking over OUR country? Then tune in and listen because I am too and I am gonna speak my ing mind about it! We'l hear from... more

We are going to have an open discussion about all the crooked shit going on in this country!

Open Discussion

Open Discussion!!! This morning, we will be totally shooting from the hip as we attack our President, his aministration and our acting government. we'll talk about current events, people in the news, sports, music, the constitution, Agenda 21,... more

Tonight we'll talk about the government shutdown, Obama care and the coming of the next American revolution! I want to WAKE UP AMERICA by telling you the TRUTH about what is REALLY GOING ON in this country and NOT what the... more

I'm f*%cking pissed right the f@*k off and I for one have had E f$%king NUFF! I'm fed the f#$k up and I ain't gonna f&*king take it anymore! Tonight I'm gonna lay it all the f@#k out there so if you don't like foul mouth mother f&$ers like myslef... more

Tonight we'll talk about ISON,"The Comet of the Century" and the connection with the worlds goverments knowledge of the destruction it will bring and why they kept it a secret for over 50 years while preparing for its arrival with the building... more

Tonight we will talk about the POTUS and his administration and their agenda to disarm Americans so they can further their push for this country into a police state and impliment marshal law while completely ignoring the constitution of... more

Tune in tonight at 9:30 EST with my panel of special guests Jeremy White, Jimmy Hawke and Ken Hall from my Michael Kintners Wake Up America Facebook group page as we discuss the new information thats coming in about the staged... more

I'm going to educate the sheeple about the President, the gov't and the mainstream media and their agenda with FACTS and the TRUTH instead of the LIES and FANTASY world they live in where they brainwash the world with... more