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Presence - Meditation - Intuition - Loving Awareness- Yoga - Poetry Join your host Michael Brazell for a journey into the sacred. Michael blends meditation, insight, mindfulness and intuition to open you to your soul journey. This show is about empowering YOU to live a more active and engaged life experience. Each week we will have topical discussions, interviews, guided meditations, and live Soul Empowerment Sessions. This is your NO FLUFF stop on the spiritual journey. Stop for a while, pull up a chair, and be present with us. Michael has over 10 years experience in helping others to connect to the soul purpose. He is a certified yoga and meditation instructor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Perceptive Awareness Technique Graduate, and Soma Pi Practitioner. For more information on Michael or to schedule a one on one session please contact him via his website: You are Loved. You are Beautiful. You are Divine.

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Join your host Michael Brazell as he offers you intuitive insights and practical guidance towards living a soul empowered journey. Each episode is an invitation for you to join your soul path with greater insight, clairty and power. Presence... more

Each week join Michael Brazell and Taylor Hammond Foster as they take you on a journey into the spiritual. Each episode is geared towards facilitating community conversation on a variety of spiritual topics and current events. We try and... more

What does it mean to live an authentic life? What does "being authentic" mean to you? Does social media take away from us living an authentic life? All this an more tonight on Evolved Spirit Radio! Each week join Michael Brazell... more

How do fitness and nutrition play into living a spiritually centered lifestyle? Join us tonight as we take this conversation to the airwaves! Each week join Michael Brazell and Taylor Hammond Foster as they take you on a journey into the... more

Join me every Friday as we open up to healing, love and presence. One of the things I want to be sure that we do with this platform is put healing out into the world. During these transmissions we will be embedding healing energy into the... more

Welcome to Soul Empowerment Radio. Intuition - Healing - Meditation - Empowerment Travis James Sanders' unique story began at an early age, but took a major turn at the age of 16, when a psychic reading changed the... more

Sex, sexuality and intimacy are topics that make a lot of people uncomfortable. This week Taylor Hammond Foster and Michael Brazell take a look at the spirituality of these three topics. What are your questions? Insights? Ideas? How... more

Carole Cravath Certified P.A.T. Instructor, Certified Soma Pi Healing Instructor, IA Graduate B.A. Degree in Psychology and Sociology ; Master's work in Cultural Anthropology ; and Master's work in Community Counseling 25 years of... more

Dreams, what are they, how do they impact us, and what is the spiritualty presnt in our dreamscape? Join us tonight as we talk about lucid dreaming, dream interpretation, nightmares, daydreams, and how all of this relates to the spiritual... more
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