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Michael Fordham

A Measure Of Truth w/ Michael Fordham


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It seems that the truth has some how lost its appeal. In today's society what really can we say is the truth? Most of what we hear from news sources whether they are TV, Radio, News Papers, magazines and the internet, have been crafted with only one goal in mind. To sell more publications, get higher ratings and grab the attention of more and more consumers. We as consumers have been corralled, misled, polluted, and confused, by the by the media hype and spin-doctor machine until we are too exhausted and over whelmed by the rhetoric and minutia to have the focused attention needed to analyze the facts when the truth finally comes to light. "The story that could be" has become so enticing to the media conglomerates that the real story and a great story no longer resemble one another. “A Measure of Truth” attempts to expose the underlying truth of News Stories that you all have heard before, but gives you firsthand accounts from key players that have not yet been given a voice to tell the facts. These bearers of truth are often forced to wait until the media hype has expired and the back-story, what was in fact the only story, finally comes into vogue. When news and information comes with this baggage, you can only hope for... A Measure of Truth.

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