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MIA-Expert Psychic

Psychic and Spiritual Advisor/Healer & Life Coach


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World renowned psychic, clairvoyant, and empath. FREE PSYCHIC READINGS daily!!! I will discuss a spiritual or psychic topic daily. Private readings $30.00/30 minutes by phone. Contact me at Mia0899cs@gmail.com. These spiritual classes range from spiritual awakening, spiritual truths behind love relationships, psychic visions, archangel messages, paranormal hauntings, and a variety of topics related to spirituality. I have discussed the RH- blood factor and characteristics. I will teach you how to enhance your own psychic abilities as well. There is always something new and exciting. It's a very relaxing environment and a flexible one. Share your visions, vent, ask any psychic question. These shows are meant to be interactive and uplifting. You are going to feel better emotionally and physically. I will encourage you to only send out positive thoughts to the Universe. Raise the polarity of everything from love to money. Follow your dreams and they will come to fruition. I am also a spiritual advisor, healer, and life coach. I am an expert psychic and I provide readings for the world. I read professionally on Kasamba, http://www.kasamba.com/psychic/MIA-ExpertPsychic You can also contact me for a private reading by email or phone at mia0899cs@gmail.com $25.00/1hour phone reading. Email readings negotiable

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This is part II and today is going to be the best episode concerning 12 specific ways to get what you want!!! Get Love! Get Money! Get anything you desire!!! You don't want to miss this episode. These specific ways will surely get you... more

It's time that you get what you want from life. Don't let it be, "Different day, same stuff." You deserve what you want and you can get it! You are going to learn today how you are going to get what you want. You don't want to miss this... more

As I have been talking a lot about love relationships and having you explore within yourself why you want a relationship, today's episode will have you seek further inside regarding are you a co-dependent person and are you in a co-dependent... more

As a Psychic many of my questions deal with love relationships. Many people want to be in a relationship and they want to know when this will happen. I want to reflect this question back onto you and ask you, "Why do you want to be in... more

I will address today what Star People are including the Galactic Past Life Card which represents these people. Do you look into the sky a lot? Do you feel like you've never felt adapted to Earth? As we know there are a lot of other... more

Exercises and tips to enhance magick for healing energy. This is part II. In Part I, yesterday we focused on breathing exercises to move the energy around your lungs to other parts of your body. You can also learn how to maipulate energy... more

How to grow as a Mage is going to be interesting as I will provide exercises. This Magick is used for healing purposes. I will define what Mage means and how to develop this gift whether it's through a system-based magick such as Reiki or on... more

PART II - How to Open Up Your Psychic Gift and FREE PSYCHIC READINGS THROUGHOUT 2 hour show!!! Yesterday, I discussed in detail on how to start opening up your psychic gift. Do not be araid of it and you must have no anger... more

How to improve your psychic gift, how to improve your intuition and clairvoyance I will discuss in this 2 hour show. This is really important if you have a psychic gift or you are developing it for yourself, family, friends or even to read as a... more

We need to discuss problems with love relationships in 2016. What is going on? I will address how things are changing and why men don't want to commit. Did social media make it more difficult? We are living in a cyber world and we don't... more