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The Medical Green Network is a private membership organization located in Southfield, Michigan that is growing by leaps and bounds. MGN brings caregivers and patients together in an effort to use medical marijuana responsibly. Our members are from all different backgrounds, cultures and have very diverse careers. For more information about joining our network, please visit us @ www.medicalgreennetwork.com

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Tonight We broadcast Live from the MGN Headquarters in Southfield Michigan.... Join us as we talk with Marlo, Joey the Growman, Pony Tail, Darnell and Boo Dog..... We keep it light, but also inform you on all the happenings with the... more

MGNRADIO.COM talks about the connection between marijuana and some of the earliest civilizations on earth. Tune in and get a better understanding that this plant has played with many cultures from around the globe. Ignorance has... more

Drug Products that mimic Marijuana will be the topic tonight. Listen to how the DEA will now be banning effective immediately 5 drugs that Mimic the THC effect and high of Marijuana. We will discuss why this has happened. Tonight we will... more

TONIGHT we focus on the question..... What Do We Know About Marijuana after 70 years of prohibition. Listen in live as we talk about the cause and effect of this plant and how it has effected our country since the turn of the 19th century. We... more

Join us at MGNRADIO.COM for our 10th show! Tonight we explore the cover up when it comes to Drug Testing in the workplace and the connection that Drug testing has to Marijuana. Without this substance, drug companies would not be... more

Open Lines Sunday....... Did you know that the federal government has been supplying marijuana to people across the country since 1978? On one hand the government says marijuana is illegal, but in the other hand, they are shipping it... more

MGNRADIO.COM explodes with another episode that is tied to the ever controversial issue about marijuana. TheAceMan talks about a critical factor that is tied to marijuana and has been used by the government to take away... more

MGNRADIO.COM continues the debate on marijuana. Tonight we will talk about the controversial bill that California will be voting on...... Prop 19! listen in with us as we discuss this topic and much more. If prop 19 passes, it could be... more

MGNRADIO.COM Brings the very best in information about marijuana. Join us live tonight as we continue the conversation about this controversial plant. WE have a treat for you tonight as we explore the fascination of growing this plant. We will... more

MGNRADIO.COM is back again with insight into the Marijuana Industry and how it has effected communities throughout this country. Join us live as we explore more conversation about this amazing plant that is mis-understood and has been a... more