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After being privy to a horrendous series sweep by the last place Washington Nationals, Mets Public Record’s Anthony C. Wayne rips into his favorite team, the Mets, one last time. Having lost 41 of their last 59 games, the fate of Jerry Manuel’s return as Mets manager next season comes into question. Wayne joined by co-host Tommy Romero, express their displeasure with the current Mets skipper. Romero objects to bringing Manuel back for the 2010 season due to the fact that he resembles the non-confrontational style of former Mets manager Art Howe.


Marred by injuries, poor starting pitching, and an overall lack of talent, the 2009 Mets will most likely qualify along with a handful of other disappointing Mets teams. In keeping with the topic of lost seasons, Wayne entertains his listeners with a trip down memory lane. Coined as the “worst team money could buy,” the 1993 Mets would end up finishing with a 59-103 record toiling in last place behind the newly-franchised Florida Marlins. Prior to that ill-fated season, the Mets were ravaged by injuries. When it was all said and done, Mets players landed on the disabled list a total of 18 times.


With the 1992 campaign looking like an aberration (sound familiar?), the Mets and their fans were poised to let the good times roll as they headed into the 1993 season. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Predicated by fan discontent, Mets manger Jeff Torborg would be fired midway through the season under the chant of “Jeff must go!”


The final episode of this regular season finally comes to a close as Wayne and Romero reminisce about some the more memorable losses of 2009 and hope that up-coming episodes of Mets Public Record have a little more winning involved.


For all of us at Mets Public Record, thanks for listening and enjoy the playoffs. Be sure to look for our next installment throughout the off-season.


And, oh yeah, Mets Public Record is also a blog site by the same name. Click the link on the show page and let us know what you think. Our email address is For those of you on Twitter, you can follow us at


Let’s Go Mets!

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